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Reasons Why Abu Dhabi is the Best Emirate – The Capital for Many Reasons

The United Arab Emirates comprises seven emirates or political areas governed by an emir or a monarch. Abu Dhabi functions as the capital while emirates such as Dubai and Sharjah are equally famous.


The Oasis Recognised by UNESCO

There doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary about an oasis in a desert terrain; it seems natural and inevitable. An oasis that spans about 3,00 acres, hosts over a hundred thousand date palms alone and boasts of green serenity sounds special. The Al Ain Oasis resides within the territory of Abu Dhabi and welcomes nature lovers for an unusual experience where it is not a rain forest or a shrubbery of evergreens but an oasis; a stretch of fertile land in a desert. The fact that it was among the first to be recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site is just another feather in a very feathery cap.


The Premier Waterfront

No one at the resorts in Abu Dhabi miss visiting The Corniche; it is the exclusive and spectacular waterfront promenade in the city. Large buildings, iconic landmarks and an indescribable aura revolve around the calm waters of the Corniche. Those down the street and those put up at places even as far as Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara make their way to the city to experience the Persian Gulf from this promenade itself. Don't be surprised if the hotel staff or your tour operator recommends that you travel one hundred miles to visit this location.


The Green Drive

In addition to winning the hearts of environmentalists worldwide by setting up Masdar City, the inhabitants of Abu Dhabi endeavour tirelessly to protect the wildlife. The local Environment Agency takes their job very seriously and they have even been successful in saving the Arabian Oryx from extinction. The eco mode and green concepts are not unfamiliar to these Arabs as they have made it a part of their routine to develop awareness and strive to reduce their carbon footprint.


The Brown and Dusty Dunes

The towering dune of Tal Moreeb is where the motorists congregate for some spine-tingling races down a huge mound of sand. It is only those who really dare and have the grit, and will that can surmount the challenge posed by the sand dune. However, the story of the dunes does not stop here; Abu Dhabi's deserts are so special that they are considered enticing. At night they become the cynosure of all eyes but even during the day they seem to exude an appeal that no other desert possesses.


The Deliciously Green Mangroves

Mangroves define the wealth and fertility of the waters and the land by the waters; if this statement is anything to go by, Abu Dhabi can definitely start bragging. The mangroves extend far and wide and are home to some fifty different types of birds and much fauna. The tours of the mangroves take place in eco-friendly modes of transport such as kayaks, emphasizing to the world that they take conservation seriously.