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eLearning & Virtual Reality Blogs

It consists of information related to eLearning,Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality

Instructional Design Strategies for 2018 -

An instructional designer can attain effectiveness only if one is on par with the latest trends. It only means a careful incorporation of traditional methodologies with the latest instructional design strategies to come up with something that will engage better with the present generation and reap rich learning outcomes.

eLearning Advantgaes and Disadvantages for Corporate Training

eLearning is the future of corporate training and there is no doubt about that. Quite evidently, the pros outweigh the cons by a huge margin. Hence, eLearning transforms into an incredibly powerful tool in a company’s hands.

Social Learning the Future

Social learning theory is not a recent making. It has been discussed in educational realms far too often. The only limitation it faced was that people could not be connected as easily, for social learning to be implemented.

Mobile Learning Trends for 2018

Mobile learning is evolving every day. In order to stay at par with this evolution, it is important to look at the mobile learning trends. Here is a list of trends you need to keep a keen watch over.

Video-based learning trends for 2018 -

The user engagement factor, dynamism, and cost reduction associated with video-based learning catapulted it to center-stage. Let’s take a look at the following video based learning trends that determine the growth of video-based learning in years to come

Top 6 Real-world Augmented Reality application | CHRP INDIA

Here we have listed top 6 real-world Augmented Reality applications. you can have looked over it. If you are looking for a developer to give shape to your Augmented Reality Solutions, then get in touch today. With over a decade of experience in dealing with mobile technologies

6 strategies for effective eLearning solutions | CHRP INDIA

Here we have discussed the best 6 Strategy for effective eLearning solutions for any organization. Everything we have discusses in details about the strategy of eLearning solutions.

Benefits of Microlearning in Training -

As an emerging discipline within eLearning, Microlearning is being increasingly adopted by institutions and corporates alike globally. This article provides information related to the Benefits of Microlearning for Training

4 Types of Effective eLearning Solutions | CHRP INDIA Pvt. Ltd.

eLearning solutions is an effective way your business can outgrow others. Employees play a pivotal role and build the foundation of any organization.

Interesting facts and stats on AR/VR/MR | CHRP-INDIA Pvt. Ltd.

We’ve collected information from various source together and written the most surprising virtual reality facts out there. From virtual reality marketing to the technology itself,

Top 3 Pitfalls you need to be aware of when converting ILT to eLearning?

Here we mentioned common pitfalls that arise when converting ILT to eLearning. It is important to factor in these challenges and gets an expert like CHRP-INDIA to overcome these before making the move to eLearning solutions.

Top 10 VR gears facts comparision | CHRP INDIA Pvt. Ltd.

A detail information about The Top VR gears comparison you can find here. Each VR has their special features and special character.

Common mistakes companies make while developing their eLearning content

As industries and technology are evolving swiftly, eLearning solutions can quickly become outdated and ineffective if it’s viewed as a one-time, static program, and outdated training is bad for all.

Virtual Reality solutions is disruptive in accelerating Marketing and Branding Initiatives.

Adoption of Virtual Reality solutions is growing fast across multiple industry verticals like heavy industries and training and learning using it to great impact.

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