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Supportive Living Home Care

To provide our customers or clients with the support and care they need to maintain their dignity, confidence, and independence. Through our services, you (or your loved one) can remain in the comfy boundaries of your home and still get the assistance and care you need to lead a dignified life.

What Graceful Aging Means and How Can It Be Achieved

Graceful aging is beyond practical definition. It means embracing the golden age with sheer fulfillment, happiness, and vigor

Personal Care and Companionship Adds Value to Baby Boomers’ Years

In the coming years, baby boomers are expected to have a massive increase.

Quality Aging Is Beyond Freedom from Illness

Being a home care provider, we believe that aging people deserve a life that is beyond freedom from illnesses.

Enrichment Opportunities You Can Expect from Home Care

Supportive Living Home Care is a home care in Madison County, AL committed to providing assistance and support for seniors.

3 Ways Personal Care Can Help Improve Seniors Quality of Life

Supportive Living Home Care is a home care in Madison County, AL that provides personal care assistance for seniors.

Home Care | 24-Hour Care | Supportive Living Home Care

We offer 24-hour care to individuals who require extensive assistance and supervision. At Supportive Living Home Care, your loved ones are in good hands.

Why Should You Look for a Respite Care Provider

Supportive Living Home Care is a home care provider that is committed to providing assistance and support for the elderly as they age.

The Importance of Social Activities for Seniors

For us, socializing is an important aspect of senior’s lives. Initially, we get to know their preferences and lifestyle.

The time has flown by and now you are caring for your mom and or dad. | Supportive Living Home Care

Your siblings are out of state and you are left feeling all alone and 100% responsible for their well-being. So, you step up to the plate and put on the many hats and juggle all the balls thrown your way with a smile. However, trying to keep everyone happy has left you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. You may also be feeling some guilt based on your inner thoughts of placing mom and or dad in a facility. It’s not what your heart desires; however you have begun neglecting your spouse, children, home, personal needs and a change must be made.

Ways to Help Seniors Deal with Depression

In fact, according to the World Health Organization, depression has affected more than 300 million people of varying ages.

Who Are the Sandwich Generation?

The aging population has dramatically increased over the years and is expected to increase further in the coming years.

Challenges Faced by Baby Boomers

With the multifaceted need of baby boomers, home care is extremely helpful to allow sustained care throughout their aging life.

Home Care | Personal Care | Supportive Living Home Care

When our caregivers assist your loved ones with personal care, they are mindful of preserving their dignity and comfort at all times.

New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy 2019

Talking about New Year’s resolutions, one important aspect that people often overlook is the health aspect.

Home Care | Madison, AL | Supportive Living Home Care

We provide Home Care in Madison, Alabama. Our company is dedicated to providing our clients with the support and care they need.

Tips in Keeping Away Winter Blues in Seniors

With less sunshine and long gloomy days as we experience now, most of us experience winter blues.

How to Make Your Home Conducive for Elderly People

You can partner with a home care provider that also offers light housekeeping services to get this task done in no time.

Elderly Care Insights: Meal Planning Tips for Elderly People

On top of their medication, therapies, and supplements, elderly people should also have proper nutrition to aid their health. Whether you’re doing the cooking yourself or you have hired an expert to do the meal planning for you,

Signs of an Unhealthy Heart Seniors Should Know

According to statistics, heart complications rank as the leading cause of death in the US. In 2011, heart disease was the cause of death of more than 787,000 individuals. Prior to that, CardioSmart reported that nearly 1 in every 4 Americans suffers from a heart disease that leads to death, but which can be prevented with the help of home care services in Alabama.

Preventive Measures Against Heart Diseases for Seniors

According to professionals, it’s never too late to regain control of our body and improve our lifestyle to divert back our regimen into heart-healthy ways. Although the suggestions listed below are mostly applied to young adults, many of these heart-healthy recommendations can also work well for the older population.

What Matters Every Day: Safe Ways of Bathing

If you or your older loved one requires support and help when bathing, it can be a very challenging and uncomfortable experience. But, it should be considered necessary for our health and hygiene. That is why it's important to be open about the specific care and safety needs during bathing to eliminate risks.

What Matters Every Day: Safe Ways of Cooking and Preparing Meals

As we age, domestic accident hazards and the possibility of accidents happening in various areas in our home, like the kitchen, increases. Moreover, the Federal Emergency Management Agency stated that people with the age above 65 have a 2.5 times higher risk of meeting accidents in a kitchen fire than the general population.

Effective Exercises for Older Adults

It is necessary to make certain lifestyle adjustments in order to increase and maintain our health. Among these lifestyle modifications is by attaching more exercise to your daily routine. Exercise can give a lot of advantages as it helps keep you feeling and looking a lot younger.

It Pays to Pay Attention to Nutrition

As we get older, it becomes frequently more valuable to pay attention to the kind of food we eat. Whether you are eating fast food or home-cooked veggies, they both have an impact on each phase of our health. And this result will only grow more pronounced in the coming years. This is why it is so crucial to enhancing our diet to not only keep our health but also to maintain our youth.

Common Health Concerns Facing Baby Boomers

With aging comes the challenges of aging, and the baby boomers’ generation is no exemption. Healthy living is important as age is one of the risk factors for a chronic condition. Supportive Living Home Care will lay down four of the most common health concerns faced by the boomers’ generation.