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The First Online Coach for Frugivore Athletes (Hand Picked Content Feeds)

Teaching athletes a Frugivore approach to fully healing and growing stronger, without the misinformation. Featuring curated posts from other Sweet Athletes, showcasing the research, case studies, scientific evidence, perspectives, holistic advice, and step-by-step guidance from our tribe.


Bodyweight Workouts For Frugivore Athletes (Proper Form)

Sharing the proper form of foundational calisthenic exercises. Includes bodyweight basics, flexibility routines, and guidance on movement mastery.

The Health Benefits of a Frugivore Diet (Case Studies)

Sharing the proven health benefits of a Frugivore Diet. Includes case studies, scientific data, holistic research, and natural observations.

RAW Recipes for Frugivore Athletes (Pre and Post Workout Nutrition)

Sharing frugivore food recipes based off the principles of "Eating for Your Anatomy". Includes simple meals for specific athletic needs.


Once you understand who you are you can change your diet to what is species specific...and that is FRUIT. Dr. Morse gives us more insight into this simple ye...


Eating For Your Anatomy (A Frugivore Approach)

Eating For Your Anatomy (A Frugivore Approach)

This is one of the best food pyramids I found that's aligned with a Frugivore approach.

Important Note: The bottom "acid and mucus forming" row is for your reference in what to GENERALLY avoid (such as dairy, processed meats etc).

However, in nature, Frugivores DO have animal products (about 5% of their diet consists of animal products such as ants and fresh meat).

I go more in-depth with this on our Private Tribe.

The Fundamentals Of Iridology

Iridology is an incredible field that can be used to identify the state of internal health of an individual. By reading the iris, or using iris analysis, an ...

Why I Believe Bodyweight Training is BEST

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