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Top 05 Things to Do in Chiang Mai – Centre of the Lanna Kingdom

There are many things to do in Chiang Mai, amongst which visiting the historical sites of this old Lanna capital takes precedence. From the fascinating allure of the Old City to many historical sites which promise to awe, Chiang Mai has many surprises in store for you. Read on for more.


Visit Doi Suthep

Doi Suthep is Chiang Mai's regal mountain which overlooks the city on the north-western edge. Sitting on the summit of this treasures hill is the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Twinkling and glowing under the golden sunlight, this shrine, with its golden facades is a fine example of elegant Lanna culture. The serene shrine dates back almost 700 years and is one of the nation's most spiritual places. Make sure to join the hundreds of local devotees and curious tourists who visit the place to experience its magical atmosphere.


Explore the Temples of Old City

The Old City of Chiang Mai is just 11 minutes from Anantara Chiang Mai Resort; it is a must visit as a living museum offering a marvellous insight into the ancient Lanna Kingdom. Surrounded by old and crumbling walls, as well as a moat, the city comprises streets framed by vintage shop houses, beautiful old temples and lots of historical buildings. Best of all the city is compact enough to explore by foot, which is best for savouring the true essence of this traditional quarter. There are a number of prominent temples well worth checking out, while the relaxed ambience of the place is ideal to calm your mind before returning to your 5 star hotel; Chiang Mai Old City is also a good place to pick up traditional souvenirs.


Relish a Chiang Mai Night Safari

Very similar to the night safari in Singapore, the Chiang Mai Night Safari is made up of three zones. You can explore Predator Prowl, Savannah Safari and Jaguar Trail; these zones can be explored by foot or on the park tram. But this is not all; there are plenty of other activities on offer too, such as hand-feeding animals and even petting tiger cubs. Make sure to hang around for the dance and laser show.


Check Out the Underground Ancient City

This picturesque site is located 5kms to the south of the city and sits along the Ping River. Named Wiang Kum Kam, this ancient underground city dates back to the eighth century and belongs to the Hariphunchai Kingdom. There you can observe a range of artefacts such as stone tablets, earthenware and pottery as well as, vintage Buddhist sculptures. The site is open from 8 am to 5 pm.


Enjoy the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

This is one of Thailand's innovative sanctuaries where elephants are bred. The place is also a retirement home for the gentle mammals who were engaged in the tourism and logging industry. The animal's welfare is given priority and environs are designed to look as natural as possible. While riding the elephants is prohibited, visitors are encouraged to interact with the animals, by joining in the fun elephant bathing activities etc.