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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Bangkok – Stay Aware and Enjoy the Best of Bangkok
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Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Bangkok – Stay Aware and Enjoy the Best of Bangkok

A metropolitan city with so much to offer, Bangkok has an attraction to suit every travellers taste. However, before you make your way to the glamorous city, here are a few things you should know.


Watch out for 'tourist prices'

Wherever you plan on going in the city, do some research to avoid being scammed into paying double or more than what a local would pay. Stores in popular areas like tourist attractions, and shopping districts will always try make an extra buck when charging tourists. If you know what you want ahead and where you might find it, hit the markets that are popular with locals. While you won't be able to completely escape 'tourist prices' you have a better chance of saving some cash by researching a few places ahead and shopping where the locals go.


Be careful with your money

Whichever country you travel to, you always need to be careful of your belongings in crowded public areas, and Bangkok is no different. A good idea is to carry your backpack in front of you, or invest in a fanny pack that you can wear under clothes to avoid keeping your money in your pockets. If you're carrying a handbag, try and hold it in front of you. A common trick is for motorcyclists to grab bags as they ride by. If the bag is in front then it is harder to grab. Even if you're not carrying much on you, it's always best to stay alert in public areas just in case.


Only use a taxi if the meter is turned on

Taxi scams are a sure-fire way to lose your money in Thailand. A lot of taxis drive without meters so they can overcharge tourists or start with meters that have been tempered with to show a high price from the start. It's actually illegal to drive a taxi in Bangkok without a meter so don't be fooled by persistent taxi drivers. Get into the taxi only after you see the meter is on and starting at 35 THB, the standard price of a taxi fare, and double check they know where exactly you want to go to avoid being driven in circles.


Don't book hotels through third-party sites

The problem here is you never what you are getting until you reach the front step. Common issues are double booking, out of city addresses, and even a completely different looking hotel than the pictures givens. If you're planning on staying at one of the Bangkok resorts, save yourself the stress and book directly through their website or a trusted tour operator. Most resorts like Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort for example have pretty simple booking processes on site, and you know what you see is what you get.


Skip the tuk tuk and take the train

There are certain tourist attractions that can only be reached by road, but most of them are easily accessible by train. Bangkok has a very efficient train system that costs much less than a taxi. While a tuk tuk might sound fun, you can find yourself being overcharged or even lost in tuk tuks. The trains are much safer and more reliable.