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Updated by Sarah Santacroce on Mar 26, 2014
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A Collection of Sarah Santacroce's Guest Posts

This is a growing list of my guest posts


How to Add a Welcome Video to Your LinkedIn Profile

This post explains how to add a welcome video to your LinkedIn profile

How To Write Blog Posts On The Go - Professional Content Creation

This post goes through some ideas on how you can blog on the go

GUEST POST: What’s all the hype about Social Engagement?

“You need to engage your audience,” preach all the Social Media Gurus. From Facebook Edge Rank to Swiss reservedness, here’s why they're so right...

9 Ways to Make LinkedIn More Social

In this post I show 9 ways how you can make LinkedIn a more social experience.

How to overcome the “I’m not an expert” fear

How do you begin to blog if you're not "an expert? Here are some easy ways to get your courage up!

5 Ways to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn | Technology > Internet, E-commerce & Social Media from AllBusiness...

Page 6. If used correctly, LinkedIn is probably the most effective network for small business owners. Learn simple tips to getting the most of it.

5 Ways (for the other 90%) to Increase Linkedin Views | The People Behind the Paper.lis

Didn't receive an email from Linkedin that you made their top 10% of most viewed profiles? No worries. Here are 5 full-proof tips to increase your views and user experience. Continue reading →

6 Ways To Get More Exposure For Your Blog Posts Via LinkedIn

How "exposed" are you on LinkedIn? Are you getting traffic to your blog? Maybe a little bit, but know you could be getting more? Or, none at all because you haven't quite figured it out yet? Never fear!

Entrepreneur in Action - Sarah Santacroce | Swiss Social Media Specialist

I don't recall the first time I learned about Sarah Santacroce, but it is likely that I discovered her from one of her incredibly useful " Savvy Biz Blog" articles. I have also attended several of her webinars, the most recent one titled "Why You're Not Getting the Most Out of Linkedin."

3 tips to grow your LinkedIn community as a blogger

Guest post by Sarah Santacroce of Simplicity - Simple Small Business Solutions. You've set up a LinkedIn profile a while ago, but haven't really used it much since. I get it. You think LinkedIn is a bit boring and so conservative.

Not blogging? You're wasting your time on social media!

This is a guest post by the fabulous Sarah Santacroce from Simplicity - Simple Small Business Solutions When Martina asked me if I'd like to write a post for her blog I was of course thrilled and immediately started thinking about possible topics.

Using LinkedIn the Right way - with Sarah Santacroce

So many people have it all wrong! LinkedIn is not just a place to put your CV anymore It is a serious social media platform for meeting like-minded people, making business connections and finding customers and suppliers for your business.