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It’s Football Time! Here are the biggest 7 football injuries ever!

This year, all football fans watched the games and cheered for their favorite football team. The Mundial 2018 brought new sensations, victories and fails and ... new injuries.
7 famous football players who got an awful trauma in their career




Henrik Larsson (Celtic)

Henrik Larsson (Celtic)

In the UEFA Cup-98/99 "Lion" - "Celtic" match Larsson, fought for the ball with the French defender Serge Blanc, as a result of an unsuccessful weave of legs received a double fracture of his left leg. The recovery period took 8 months.


Martin Palermo (Villarreal)

November 29, 2001, during the game for the Cup of Spain between Villarreal and Levante, the player received a rather absurd injury. The most offensive, he received a break not during the game, but during the celebration of the goal, which he scored. The 28-year-old was so happy with his success that he ran out of the field and grabbed the fence that separated the stands from the football field. Distressed with happiness, the fans ran to congratulate their pet, after which the fence could not stand it and collapsed. Palermo fell down and broke his leg in two places. Immediately after this, the player was sent to the nearest hospital. As it turned out later, he had a fracture of the small and large tibia. The recovery period was six months.


Antonio Valencia (Manchester United)

This happened during the starting match of the group stage of the Champions League 2010/2011 between Manchester and the Rangers. In the 58th minute of the meeting, Valencia received the ball on the right and in the fight with the defender of the "rangers" fell on the grass. At this moment he received a fracture with an ankle bias. Initially, his return was planned only in the next season.


Alan Smith (Manchester United)

Sometimes a trauma can come at the most unexpected moment. This is what happened to the midfielder of the "Red Devils". On February 18, 2006, in a match between Liverpool and Manchester United in the FA Cup, while blocking Jorn Arne Riise's free-kick, Alan Smith broke his ankle. The recovery took seven months.


Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)

September 19, 2010, at the 92nd minute of the match, "Atletico" - "Barcelona", the defender of Madrid Tomas Uifalushi struck the right foot of Messi. The result was damage to the achilles. Leonel lay on the field for two minutes, after which a terrible hematoma formed and Messi was carried on a stretcher. The player was out for only two weeks.


Jibril Cisse (Liverpool)

The injury occurred in October 2004 in the match "Blackburn" - "Liverpool". Defender "Rovers" James Makiveli caught up in the flanking race of the French striker and trying to knock the ball, caused him a terrible trauma - an open fracture of the left calf. If it were not for the skillful doctors, the leg would have to be amputated! The recovery period was three months.


Luke Shaw (Manchester United)

In the match against PSV in the first round of the Champions League defender, Luke Shaw broke his leg and was out for several months. 20-year-old football player suffered from the tackle of Ector Moreno, after which he was helped for a long time, including an oxygen mask. At the 24th minute, he left the field on a stretcher and was immediately sent to a hospital in Eindhoven, where he was diagnosed with a double fracture of his right leg.

After all, professional football is not only big money, worldwide fame but also serious physical activity, which often ends with serious sport injuries that need a professional treatment.