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Updated by catchprogram on Aug 02, 2018
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Sunbeatables® at Kaleidoscope Kids ChildCare Center

Ray and the Sunbeatables®: A Sun Safety Curriculum, created and developed by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, is available for free at

Kicking off with Ray & the Sunbeatables®

Today in the 3 Year Old Room we started to talk about being Sun ☀️Safe, using our new curriculum. We met Ray and his team today. Along with starting a science experiment. Each child colored one of the team members and then taped it to a piece of black construction paper. Then a teacher hung it in the window. What do you think 🤔 the result will be? Check back Monday to find out!

Paper Fade Experiment

Well the results are in! The paper did indeed fade because it was directly exposed to the sun’s rays without any cover or protection.

Learning About Shade

Today the 3 Year Old Room did an experiment that involved a lego tree 🌳 and a flashlight 🔦. We turned all the lights off and the flashlight 🔦 was our sun ☀️. Then we watched the sun ☀️ create shade/ a shadow on the ground. We talked about how playing in the shade outside can help us stay sun ☀️ safe! For art they all got to make a shade tree 🌳 to go along with our lesson.

Making Sun Safe Hats

Yesterday in the 3 Year Old Room we made wide brimmed hats to help protect us from the suns rays. Wide brimmed hats are more protective than a baseball cap because it covers your head, face, neck, and ears.

Sun Safe Game & Graduation!

Today was our last day talking about Ray & The Sunbeatables. We played a game called Sun ☀️ Safe or Not Sun ☀️ Safe. The children had to determine weather a item, be it clothing or sunscreen would keep them protected from the sun. Then they each got a certificate for completing the program.