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Outdoor Fire and Patio

Outdoor Fire and Patio | Modern Gas Fire Bowl Specialists

At Outdoor Fire and Patio, we specialize in Gas Fire Bowls, Concrete Fire Bowls, Gas Tiki Torches, Gas Fire Pit Tables, Fire Glass & More.

Your favorite concrete fire pit tables are ready.

The Outdoor Fire and Patio is committed to unsurpassed customer service. If you too are one of the enthusiasts who want to recreate or redesign the outdoor space of a property, get in touch with the expert team at From new age designs to customized designing element, get perfectly complementing items for your outdoor.

Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Fire Feature. – Outdoor Fire And Patio

When it comes to buying an outdoor fire pit, fire bowl, or even a fireplace, you need to consider a lot of associated factors. This will ensure that you make a right and lasting choice all around.

Ever Wondered To Re-Style Your Backyard? – Outdoor Fire And Patio

There are a few better things than nuzzling up next to a backyard fire pit on a summer night or a cool spring. A good concrete fire pit table adds elegance to any property and it is not very difficult to understand why it is one of the most popular hardscaping requests.Visit:

Outdoor Fire Features – How To Choose?

There are many kinds of fire features that are separated by their function and appearance. Thinking about what you want and why, and contrasting it with the use and purpose of each fire feature will support your decision.

Choose The Right Fuel For Fire Feature

A warm, toasty fire makes for a delightful evening in the open. The blaze of the fire feature can be fired by various fuels ranging from the traditional wood to faux options to even eco-friendly fuels.

What You Can Do Around A Fire Feature

A fire feature in the backyard forms the perfect backdrop for a range of communal, enjoyable and relaxing activities. Find out what you can do around the fire and how these simple things can help you with some great ideas.

Why You Should Own A Wood Fire Pit

What’s a fire without firewood, logs and crackling flames? The traditional wood-burning fire pit carries a unique charm of its own that just cannot be replicated by modern fuel based options.

Planter Bowls For Your Plants

Your plants look gorgeous, but what about the planters beneath them? Can you allow them to be an eyesore when striking options in modern planters are easily available online at the best prices?

360 Fire & Water Features | Fire and Water Design | Fire on Water Features

Enjoy a main fire on water 360 feature design from Outdoor Fire and Patio, customized to your landscape design.

Gas Fire Pit Tables at Manufacturer Prices | Gas Fire Tables

Outdoor Fire and Patio offers elegant collection of Gas Fire Pit Tables and each of the Gas Fire Tables is made with exceptional attention to detail.

Gas or Wood – Which Fire Pit To Choose? 🔥 🔥

When it comes to choosing a fire pit – it’s a toss-up between the thrill of a wood burning fire and the ease of gas fire pits. You can make the appropriate choice based on your personal preferences.

Safety Comes First With Fire Pits

Safety is a paramount consideration when you have any kind of recreational fire around you. Keep simple precautions in mind – for setup and handling – to reduce the potential dangers to a great extent.

Glass Stones In A Fire Pit Anyone?

There are many advantages of using special fire pit glass stones along the bottom of a gas fire pit – they cover the gamut from being functional and beautiful to economical and flexible as well.

Fire Pit Inserts Make The Fire Pit

The most spectacular of fire features will only be ornamental unless you have an appropriate fire pit insert for it. This will conduct the flame and can also be used to add visual drama or ease of use.

Which Gas For Your Fire Feature?

You can choose between natural gas and liquid propane for powering up your outdoor fire feature. While both options will replicate a real fire, you should consider their respective pros and cons.

3 Things to Remember while Using a Tiki Torch

A natural gas tiki torch can enhance the look of your patio or the backyard. If you are looking for something traditional but elegant, these torches are your thing. They torches use either natural gas as fuel. But as the torches use fire to illuminate the surrounding, you must follow some precautions while using them.

Why Use Concrete Planters?

anters are a great addition to any home. Even as the plants add a decorative and invigorating element, the planters can be moved around easily. Choosing the right type of planter is important.

Safety Elements For Tiki Torches

This is why most people prefer to source natural gas tiki torch and other fire features from Outdoor Fire & Patio ( The company provides top quality and safe fire features and accessories at the best prices. For instance, all their tiki torches are made of metal and gas based too.

Automated Remote Control System for Fire Features

Automated ignition systems make turning a fire feature on or off as easy as pressing a button. The commercial grade AWEIS has been professionally tested and emerges as the best module in the market.

Choose The Right Planters 🌱🌱

Planters support and beautify the plants you sowed in them. However, there are certain considerations for getting the choice of planter right. This will ensure that the plants flourish for long.

Thinking of Enhancing the Beauty of Your Backyard?

A mobile architecture adds to the furnishing of your surroundings. Finding the right piece which is well structured, sized to perfection, innovatively stronger and lighter is difficult yet not impossible. If you are looking for designs that will give you a graphic vision of perfection, start here.

Innovative Fire Pit Décor to Beautify Your Surrounding

If your concern is to furnish the outdoor recently, then here’s what you need. Every piece of decor comes with an outstanding structure and innovating designs to add charm in to that area. It’s a perfect architecture to furnish your space according to your taste. Take an in-depth look to know more.

Best Planters to Furnish your Landscape Area

To enhance the beauty of your surroundings, it’s important to have some greenery. If you’re looking for best planters to further amplify your landscape area, then make no delay. Check out some of the most recommended oversized planters that add class to your residential or commercial space.

Three things You Should know About Tiki Torches

The summer is here and it's time to make the backyard entertaining by pulling out the barbecue, beach balls and torches. But like anything else involving fire, a little planning and some precautions during use can go a long way toward ensuring safety and sensibility.