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Social Curation Research

Curation – in Need of a Cure? « opencollaborarchy

A recent post by Brian Solis “The Curation Economy and the 3 C’s of Information Commerce” neatly deconstructed the information flow within the Social Network.  The 3 C’s are...

Time Value of Content « opencollaborarchy

“Who wants yesterday’s papers? Who wants yesterday’s girl? Who wants yesterday’s paper ? Nobody in the world”  - Rolling Stones 1967 We are besieged by information, kn...

Essentials of Collaboration – Version Control « opencollaborarchy

Originally posted on Internet Media Labs Blog – September 6th, 2012 Sometimes  it is the little things that are the most useful in life: using a paperclip to retrieve a disc locked in a compu...

Curation – Amplifier or Condenser? « opencollaborarchy

In a very short time curation has evolved from a minor supporting role to a major or even leading role in Social Media engagement.  It is no longer sufficient to just share items of interest, break...

Network Weavers « opencollaborarchy

June Holley, author of “The Network Weaver Handbook”,  was the guest on a recent #ideachat , hosted by @blogbrevity,  where she conducted  a spirited and vigorous discussion on the role...

Introduction to Opencollaborarchy « opencollaborarchy

It takes about 6 months of immersion and splashing about  in the waters of Social Media  to feel  comfortable and confident enough to not just tread water but make strokes that might lead to reachi...

Social curation is much more than just a market — Tech News and Analysis

When we enable innate behaviors online, the result is far more significant than the creation of a new market, says Pearltrees' Oliver Starr. Starr explains why he believes that today's curation startups are paving the way for the full and complete democratization of the Web.

Curation Platforms | Comparison tables - SocialCompare

Compare Amplify vs BagTheWeb vs BlogBridge vs CIThread vs Chripstory vs ConnectN vs vs CurationStation vs Eqentia vs Flockler vs HabitStream vs KeepStream vs Knowledge Plaza vs Kweeper vs LinkedIn Today vs Storify vs ...