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Updated by Paul Lymer on May 21, 2023
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The Ultimate list for the Wild Foodie or Forager!!

Some of the best Wild food and Foraging Recipes made from Wild ingredients. If you love Wild Food or want to get into Foraging or cooking with Wild Food ingredients there is no better place on the web for you to start. Buy Foraging equipment, mushroom hunting books.. A whole host of amazing products. Learn to cook with new ingredients, ingredients that are straight from the Wild!!



Wild Food and Foraging from The Wild Foodie


Foraging Gourmet Types of Seaweeds in the UK

Foraging Gourmet Types of Seaweeds in the UK

Seaweeds can be found and foraged all around the UK. There are thousands of types of seaweed distributed across all the world's oceans, the majority of which are safe to eat.

Find out more here: Edible Seaweed

Wild Food and Foraging UK | The Wild Foodie

Welcome to the Wild Foodie, home of all things Wild Food and Foraging in the UK.

Wild Food and Foraging Blog | The Wild Foodie

If you love Wild Food and Foraging this blog is packed with Wild Food Guides and Recipes using natures wild harvest. Visit blog now.

Wild Food and Foraging Shop UK

A shop that has everything that the forager or wild food cook needs to make, prepare and forage the wild bounties of the UK.

Wild Food and Foraging UKFood & Beverage Company

Wild Food and Foraging UK. 10,606 likes · 49 talking about this. Love finding, foraging and hunting for Wild Food and creating delicious recipes from it!...

The Wild Foodie (@EatWildFood) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from The Wild Foodie (@EatWildFood). Wild Food, Wild Mushrooms and delicious recipes from the Wild Ingredients! #wildfood #foraging. Suffolk, UK


The Wild foodie, the number one place on the web for Wild Food Enthusiasts

The Wild foodie, the number one place on the web for Wild Food Enthusiasts

If you love your Wild Food check out the Wild Foodie. Amazing recipes and guides, as well as foraging equipment and you can even buy Wild Food ingredients.

Check out this amaziong seasonal calendar that tells you exactly what Wild Food you should be foraging for now!

Know every plant or animal that is in season and exactly when to go and find them with the Wild Food Seasonal Calendar!!

The Ultimate guide to edible Wild and Garden Flowers

Wild and Garden flowers care not just beautiful but some are delicious too. find out what flowers are edible and the amazing tastes that you are still to discover. The ultimate guide to finding, eating and gathering edible flowers. A truly delicious guide!

Wild Sorrel Identification, its Uses and Delicious Sorrel Recipes

Sorrel is a delicious edible herb that has a lemony or sharp apple taste to its leaves. Learn how to identify and cook different types of Wild Sorrel now.

Chicken of the Woods | Identification, Recipes and Look alikes.

The Chicken of the Woods. Now isn't this an interesting mushroom. Chicken of the Woods or Laetiporus Sulphureus is a bright yellow, sometimes orange mushroom that loves to grow on Oaks. Find out how to identify it, its look alikes and a simple but delicious recipe.

Catching & Preparing Crayfish using Pots and Traps UK

In this post I want to tell you a little about how I catch Crayfish. Since moving to Suffolk I now have access to a river that is packed with Crayfish and I am doing my very small bit to try and keep numbers down. In this post I'll tell you how to catch, despatch, prepare and cook Crayfish. Read more now.

Wild Garlic or Ramsons Identification Guide

Well what do you say about this wild herb... Except, I love it! What a fantastic ingredient to use, such a wonderful flavour and ever so versatile! Learn more about the Wild Garlic or Ramson and how to identify it here. Read More.

The Chanterelle Mushroom and false Chanterelle identification UK

Chanterelle mushroom is possibly one of the best eating mushrooms you can get. Learn about the False Chanterelle look alike to the true Chanterelle here.

Fat Hen – identify the forgotten Wild Vegetable?

Fat Hen has many names, most probably forgotten. This Wild Vegetable is actually a fast growing weed that is generous in all of its life stages. Learn to identify it and it uses here.

Wild Fennel: A Common Wild Herb Identification

Wild fennel is a very common plant in the UK but delicious with eggs or fish. Learn to identify this wonderful herb and find out what to do with it here.

The Penny Bun, Cep or Porcini – the cooks mushroom

Boletus Edulis is one of the best eating mushrooms available from the Wild. This mushroom even looks edible its perfect domed and brown cap looking like a Victorian bread bun that at the time cost a penny - hence the name ‘Penny Bun’. In France this beloved Mushroom is called the ‘Cep or Cepe’. Find out more

Sea Beet or Wild Spinach | The identification guide

This is a coastal plant that I think you should become very familiar with as it is simply delicious. The Sea Beet or Wild Spinach also known as the Sea Spinach is a distant relative of the many foods that are cultivated today including Chard. Find out more about this wonderful plant here.

Hop , Shoots and Scores - Wild Hops

I though it best to spend a little time getting to know a very useful plant, the Hop. The Hop or Humulus Lupulus, is a climbing plant that is useful and delicious. Find out more

Chickweed: The Edible and Delicious Weed

The gardeners bane, the cooks salad leaf. Learn more about Chickweed its edible and medicinal uses and where to find it. Click now

Field Blewit, Wood Blewits and their Look Alikes | UK

Learn to identify Field and Wood Blewits, understand their different habitats and how to cook and eat them. Click now

Hawthorn leaves, flowers, buds and berries and what to do with them

Common in the UK, learn how to identify and use the many useful parts of the Hawthorn, its medicinal uses and recipes. Find out more

Magnolia Flower: Edibility, Uses and Recipes UK

Learn more about the Magnolia, its flowers and its culinary and medicinal uses. Click to find out more

Sweet Cicely plant, seeds and roots identification

Learn more about Sweet Sweet Cicely. Understand its poisonous look alikes and get some delicious recipes. Click now to find out more about this herb