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Amazing Cruise Ships for Sale in Norway

The expanding cruise ship travel around the world has created huge business opportunities for the sale of ferries and luxury cruise ships.

How to Protect The Ship From Cyber Threats?

The shipping industry has become an easy target for cyber attacks. To reduce risk, it is important to learn about the correct methods of protection.

The Green E-Ferry: The Future of The Ship Industry

The green E-ferry is the next big thing in the shipping industry. Know more about the E-ferry to understand how it is aiming to change the future of the shipping industry.

Global Shipping and the 4 Trends Changing Its Face in 2018

The global shipping industry has been changing rapidly over the last few years, which has prompted the introduction of new trends. Know more about these inclinations that can change the face of the industry in 2018.

Expedition Cruising and Everything You Need to Know About It

Expedition cruising has become a hot topic in the cruise industry. Know more about the vessels, its perspective and other nitty-gritty for a deep insight into the topic.

Introducing Apps in The Shipping Industry: What is the Future?

Digitalization has become an integral part of the shipping industry. Know more about how the introduction of apps can potentially change the face of the shipping industry forever.

3 Effective Ways to Reduce Environmental Footprint by the Shipping Industry

The shipping industry has been actively trying to reduce environmental footprint. Here are three effective ways in which the process can be fast-tracked.

The Growing Case of Retail Shopping On Cruise Ships

Retail shops aboard on cruise ships have become an extremely popular business model for most. Know more about how it is growing and attracting both the customers and the cruise ship owners.

7 Technology To Adopt For the The Ultimate Green Ship

The shipping industry is slowly transiting towards the green ship movement. To make it possible, it is important to adopt the right technology. Know more about the same.

The Lesser Known Advantages of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

LNG has become the future of the shipping industry. Learn more about its advantages and what contributes to its popularity now.

Understanding the New ISO Standard For LNG Fuelled Ships

With more and more ships using LNG fuel for power, new ISO standard rules have been introduced as well. Be updated and understand these rules for safe and proper use of the same.

The Rise in Demand for RoRo Vessels

The RoRo Shipping Vessel There is an increasing demand for RoRo vessels for sale worldwide, thanks to the vessels’ quick and efficient loading and unloading of heavy vehicles. There are certain valuable factors that give this type of vessel an edge over the traditional container shipping.

Double Ended Ferries - The Fuel Efficient Water Craft

Double-ended ferries are increasingly being used to carry people, cargo, and vehicles, thanks to its fuel-efficient design and lower chances of maneuver going awry.

Global Shipping Trends in 2019

Certain factors are going to influence the shipping industry in 2019. This article discusses these factors, and how you can prepare yourself beforehand to deal with any emergencies.

The Market Trends for Four Key Ship Types in Recent Times - NORWEGIAN SHIP SALES AS

As the new year 2019 begins, here is an analysis of the four major ship types, comprising of the Capesize, the LNG carriers, the medium range tankers (the MR1), and the electric & hybrid boats and ships.

Important Elements in Designing a Cruise Ship

Modern cruise ships are being built that can carry a large number of passengers at the same time and have all the modern amenities available. Here we discuss the present day cruise ship design trend.

Things to Consider when Buying Cruise Ships for Sale

Are you interested to buy cruise ship? Then read on to learn the various factors that need to be considered before you purchase.

Important Clauses in a Vessel Purchase Agreement

When it comes to high speed vessels for sale. There are few key clauses that should exist in the agreement for the vessel purchase. This blog discusses these clauses.

The Future Trends of Expedition Cruising

When it comes to the selection of cruise ships, size is an important consideration. The amenities available in large and small ships differ. What are the differences? Read on to find out.

How Will Ship Routing Improve the Shipping Industry in Future

Ships are going to be connected much more digitally in future and there will be increased availability of high-speed internet connection. Some of the technological developments that are expected in future ships are discussed here.

Safe Return to Port Regulations to Improve Passengers Safety

Safe Return to Port regulations are designed to improve the design and operations of vessels so that the stricken ship is saved and life support is provided to those on board.

Express 4 High-Speed Catamaran Ferry

High-speed passenger ferry Express 4 is the latest addition to Molslinjen’ existing fleet of catamaran ferries. Here is a short description of the specifications of this high-speed ferry.

Future of the Fjords Ensures Sustainable Seafaring

Future of the Fjords is the latest addition to zero-emission vessels to prevent pollution in the Fjords of Norway. The vessel incorporates some of the latest technological advancements.

The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association Outlook Report 2019: Better Turnover of the Norwegian Shipping Companies

The increased profitability of the Norwegian shipping industry is the result of many years of major cost reductions, improvement in efficiency, and consolidation of the shipping industry. This year, revenues are expected to rise.

Which offers better investment - Princess Cruise or NCL

Princess Cruises and Norwegian cruise lines both offer distinctive experiences in terms of style and accommodation. Each of them has its pros and cons.