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How to Get My Website on the First Page of Google

How to Get My Website on the First Page of Google

Though there are various search engines such as Yahoo, Ask, Bing, Baidu, etc. Google is one of the most famous search engines of all the type. It is said that out of 10 internet users 8 of them will be using Google as their default search engine. And the reason behind Google being such preferred search engine is, the data retrieval speed of Google is highest compared to other search engines. After deploying the website over the internet, the primary task of the website owner is to get his/her website on the first page of search engines (Google.) It is said that 75% of Internet user looking for any piece of information over the internet, will never scroll past the first page on the Google search result. To get ranking on the first page of the Google, you must perform a sound SEO on his/her website. It is measured that over 1 trillion searches are happening every single month. In this situation, getting the organic result of your site is the most stressful task. A good SEO Services Provider has the power to get inbound traffic which will help you in growing your business overnight.

But for a person who does not hold years of experience in doing SEO will not be able to get your website ranked on the first page of Google. To excel in SEO, every SEO executive must update himself with all the latest trends that are in demand in the SEO sector.

What are the ways to Rank your website on Google?
In SEO terminology, there are two ways using which you can rank your website over the Google:
Paid search result
Organic search result

1. Paid search result:

The paid search are generally advertisements; the website owners have paid a specific amount to the Google to show their website on the first page of it. Only the big-scale business organizations can afford the cost of paid advertisements, as the prices are very high, the small-scale business organization cannot afford the cost of it.

2. Organic Search result:

The Organic search result is also referred to the natural search result or unpaid search result. The organic search results are based on the user's search query, link, domain authority, and other natural ranking factors.

How to recognize the Paid and Organic search result?
The simplest way to recognize whether the search result appeared when you fire any query on Google is:
Under any links, if it is written 'Ad,' it means, this result is Paid result. And those links which do not have 'Ad' under it, are considered as natural or organic results.

Let us understand how to get your website from page #X to page #1 of Google Search Result.

1. Paid Ads:

One of the quickest and smartest ways to rank your website on the first page of Google is Paid Ads. For this, all you need to do sign up with Google, choose the keywords you are targeting and then bid (yes, its like auction) on how much your company would like to pay every time your ad is clicked. This process is also known as "pay-per-click." Higher your bid per click, higher your ad will appear to the top of the page. One can also set the daily budget so when your budget is met; Google will not show your ads for that particular day, and thus you won't be charged for that day. For big industries, the paid advertisement is the cheapest and simplest way to show up on the Google's first page.

2. Get on top Organically:

Not every business organization can afford the cost of a paid advertisement, and thus for them, the Organic result is the most suitable way to get to the top of Google's search result. The organic result is not achieved by paying money. They are made with care and long-term manipulation of several factors that Google uses in ranking relevancy. For Instance:

*1.Quality and Length of your Page Content: *

Content in any website is one of the most critical factors in its ranking. The Content in your page should be fresh and should contain useful information which is beneficial to the ideal customer or website visitor. As they say "Content is king."

2. Quality and Number of Inbounds Links:

If popular websites are linking to yours, and those website's content is relating yours, then it can help you in ranking your website higher in Google result page.

3. Mobile Friendly website:

Before deploying your website over the internet, ask yourself a question "is your website mobile friendly?" The trend of mobile phone and smartphones is increased, and thus, people choose to access any website from mobile phones and smartphones rather than Laptops, PCs, or Tablets. Therefore, to get higher traffic on your website, make sure your website is easily accessible from mobile phone and smartphones as well.

4. Page Speed:

One of the effective ways to make the website visitor stay for a long time on your website is, reduce the page loading speed of your website to very low. It is calculated that more than 95% of website visitors close any website if it takes more than 5 seconds to load.

5. Keywords in Page Content:

Many people while designing content for their website, they overstuff the keywords in their content which is not considered as SEO-friendly. The keyword you are targeting must appear on the title and the text which helps Google crawlers to identify your website from the keywords.

6. Authority of Domain Name:

Older the domain owned, the better. To get the website ranked on the Google, try including the keyword in the domain name.

This was all about How Do I Get My Website On The First Page Of Google? For startup who are working hard to rank their website on the first page of Google, they should have a look at the points mentioned above and do it quickly. These points are readily served to your plate by the SEO experts of Yellow Find Digital. At YellowFin Digital, they have some of the qualified and skilled** SEO Services Provider** who have years of experience in all the Search Engine Techniques that are currently in trend. For the business organization who want their website on the top of the Google's ranking should get associated with Yellow Find Digital for the same.


Best SEO Company in Texas - Yellowfin Digital

Best SEO Company in Texas - Yellowfin Digital

Our SEO company in Texas ensures that you, the client, show up in search results when potential customers are looking for your products or services. Through sound strategy, and the highest quality tactical execution, our Texas SEO firm will effectively help you grow.


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