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Zoshi Tek INC

Searching for IT Management Services Provider?

Zoshi Tek team uses high-performance and highly efficient applications that will act as a driving force for your business to become successful.

Meet with the Best IT Staffing Service Provider

Zoshi Tek is an IT staffing service provider who is proud to be among the leaders in the industry globally, ensuring we bring our best and brightest to serve your business and IT needs.

Top Analytics Services

The professionals at Zoshi Tek aim at analysing the complex business data and statistics, and are skilled in transforming these blueprints into a rich business intelligence that would serve as a driving force in pushing boundaries and breaking monotonousness.

Mobile Middleware: Service-Oriented Architecture VS Mobility-As-A-Service

Mobile communications and working in mobile environments is ever on the rise as people are always on the rush. Today’s generation wants everything handy, and demands things to be done on-the-go! In a scenario like this, you need to think beyond, go innovative by diverting a bit from the traditional work processes and try out the alternatives! This blog throws light upon those alternative approaches – and makes a comparison between service-oriented architecture and mobility-as-a-service.

Best Ever Application Development Services !!

Zoshi Tek is here to help you build the top class application and promote your business like never before! Our IT professionals have deep knowledge and expertise in handling app development services efficiently.

Agile Transformation: No Formula, But Common Success Factors

The biggest challenge faced by IT professionals while handling agile transformations is that there is no single formula for achieving this! There are quite a few success factors to consider while managing the various complexities associated with agile services.

Enterprise Application Integration in a Nutshell - Zoshi Tek

We live in a digitally connected world, where technology has made its reach almost everywhere – be it files, databases, applications, big data stores or be it warehouses. According to recent studies, almost about 75% of the companies use a minimum of 6 different enterprise applications to handle their day-to-day activities seamlessly – in a cost-effective and economical way.

Variabilities Between IT Services & IT Consulting

You might be confused with these two seemingly alike terms, and might even be surprised to know that there is actually a great difference between them! Although both these terms are correlated, yet from an IT perspective, it is very important for you to know the subtleties of variations between them – especially while you are associated with the IT industry.


Application management service is strongly emerging as a discipline in the world of digitization. Zoshi Tek Inc. offers quality services in application performance management. We are always in the search of new techniques to deliver quality application outsourcing services. The team not only analyses the possible ways that would be fruitful in developing a business successfully, but also endeavors in making the client satisfied.

Web Development Services

At Zoshi Tek IT solutions you will get a skilled team of web developers who using their long term expertise, are capable of developing high-end web softwares. We provide extremely robust and up-to-date web solutions that are tailored to meet every single needs of the client.

World Class Cloud Services at your Door Step!

Are you irritated of waiting for so long before you could finally share your important files with your business partners or clients? How boring and tiresome! Did such awkward situations often lead to dangerous consequences, like losing the attention of your clients? The answer lies in the fact that you were probably not using reliable, efficient and agile cloud services. Have you ever wished if only you could access all your data in an instant anytime, anywhere? The Zoshi Tek team of skilled IT professionals are here at your rescue!


Organisations and business partners often feel the pressure of heavy workload due to lack of proper management, balancing and prioritising their IT efforts. They often could not find a good IT professional dealing with enterprise application services and enterprise resource planning software services. With innovative and leading-edge techniques in handling enterprise business applications, Zoshi Tek helps improve business mechanisms, and maximize the productivity, profitability and the value of the client’s IT investments.


Zoshi Tek takes care of its clients have easy and hassle-free access to all the enterprise resource planning systems - be it collection, storage, updating, managing, and interpreting data from these online resources.

Microsoft Support Services - Zoshi Tek Inc

To handle and manage Microsoft technologies, one requires an extremely proficient team of qualified IT professionals who would not only enhance the quality of their Microsoft support services, but would also help your business grow and achieve prosperity - which is what you deserve! Zoshi Tek knows that only a highly efficient IT team could help you accomplish this. So we are here with our potent and dynamic professionals who would not rest until it sees your success!

  • We at ZOSHI TEK INC are constantly in search of innovative ways so as to help connect employers and job seekers better to meet their desired needs.

    We ask questions, propose ideas and push boundaries. We are committed to bringing the best, the most efficient and world class service in your solution that is just right for you, and we only stop when it’s done.

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