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Anything Custom Decals & Stickers

Everyone needs decals & stickers either they are business to promote their brand or a person to catch a trend or support any cause or team. This is a list of all that concerned to decals & stickers i.e. offers, tips & tricks, how to, DIY, and many more.

Tips to Prevent Car Window Decals & Bumper Stickers from Tearing Off|

When you place car window decals or bumper stickers, you expect it to remain in place until you choose to take it off. Since it will be exposed to the weather, decals and stickers tend to tear away or start to fray around the edges. Check these tips that'll help you keep these stickers & decals in place for much longer

How to Take Care of Your Custom Designed T-Shirt | Pro-Tuff Decals

A custom designed t-shirt is something you want to maintain for as long as possible. Every time you wear it, you run the risk of staining it or messing it up in some way. The best way to preserve your one of a kind shirt is to be extra careful while wearing it and take some extra precautions when washing it.


Up to 19.01% Off*

Up to 19.01% Off*

Grab the deal on Big Cat Die-Cut Stripes Football Helmet Decals! Order now!

ProTuff Decals - Football Helmet Decals and More

Pro-Tuff Decals is your first choice and BEST choice for football helmet decals...PLUS lacrosse helmet wraps, baseball helmet decals, softball helmet decals,...

Football Helmet Reconditioning: Why It Is Important | Pro-Tuff Decals

Over several games, football helmet gets scratched and banged up, which can damage decals. Football helmets must be reconditioned periodically for maximum safety and preserving the lifespan of the gear.

How to Easily Apply and Remove Car Decals | Pro-Tuff Decals

Car decals are a great way to show team spirit. They also help you to find your vehicle in a crowded parking lot. Decals can come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and themes. The problem with most decals is that they are difficult to remove once you have them on your vehicle.

Parking Permits and Stickers: Why They Are So Valuable | Pro-Tuff Decals

You can avoid the confusion and chaos of crowded parking problems by displaying parking permits and stickers in your car window. Here are important facts you need to know about why parking permits and stickers are valuable.

Window Decals: How to Use Them Effectively | Pro-Tuff Decals

Window decals are a great way to show team spirit, advertise, or simply decorate your vehicle. Proper placement of these decals will provide you maximum visibility without interfering with your safety.

Spirit Combo Pack Package Deals | Pro-Tuff Decals

Save some serious money by ordering one of Pro-Tuff Decals' Spirit Packs! We've put together some of our best-selling apparel items to give you a coordinated look at a great price! Have a look now!

Flat 3.38% Off* on Die-Cut Letters & Mascots!

Choose from a wide range of helmet stickers offered by Pro- Tuff Decals. Our Die-Cut Letters & Mascots are cut to shape in solid, bold colors on our 20 mll, football-tuff decal material.

Custom Floor Decals: The Best Innovative Way of Advertising | Pro-Tuff Decals

Custom floor decals are a great way to advertise and will keep your brand in full view no matter where your customer looks when they enter your shop or office. Having a custom floor decal placed in the center of your office will attract attention.


Easy to Customize Design Templates

Easy to Customize Design Templates

We have 100's of design templates for your sports or activities! Simply replace the mascots, words, and colors in our design templates to make them completely yours! Check out our easy-to-customize design templates now!

How to Keep Wall Decals in Place for a Longer Period of Time

Wall decals are designed to stay put for as long as you want them to but sometimes they may need a little help. Most have acrylic adhesives that allow them to stick firmly to almost any surface. Here are a few tips you can use to help your wall decals stay in place for longer periods of time.


Mini Football Helmet & Decals

Mini Football Helmet & Decals

Order these mini helmets & decals made especially for mini football helmets, these are perfect replicas of your actual-size football helmet decals -- in miniature! These are great as end-of season awards and gifts.


Chinstrap Decals for Football Helmets

Chinstrap Decals for Football Helmets

These chinstrap decals put the finishing touch on your helmets! These are made with tough 20 mil waterproof vinyl material as our hard-hitting #football helmet decals. Customize it with your mascot name, team slogan, even player's name! Approximately 5" long x 1/2" wide. Order now!


Football Helmet Decals - Pre-Season Prices Still in Effect!

Football Helmet Decals - Pre-Season Prices Still in Effect!

When you need the best football helmet decals made – mascot decals, helmet stripes, award stickers, number decals – you want to get them from a company that stakes its reputation on making the best football helmet decals in the world. Visit our website for more information:


Football Mini Helmet & Decals

Football Mini Helmet & Decals

Once again brought to you by Pro-Tuff, mini football helmets are the ultimate gift and souvenir. About the same size as a phone, these mini helmets make the perfect trophy or appreciation award and can be handed to each member of your local team.


Custom Hockey Pucks & Decals

Custom Hockey Pucks & Decals

These colorful Custom Hockey Pucks make a lasting impression as a gift or award for your players, coaches, sponsors and more!


Personalized Locker Nameplates

Personalized Locker Nameplates

Take your locker room to the next level with personalized locker nameplates! Order now!

Does Waxing Affect Your Car Decals? | Pro-Tuff Decals

Most car decals are designed to remain in place for long without peeling or fading. You can wash and wax your car as often as you like without disturbing the car decal or loosening the adhesive.

Softball Award Decals

Check these softball award decals that can make a big impact on your players' performance! At season's end, place them on award boards! Order now!

How to Wash Your Sports Jersey without Damaging It | Pro-Tuff Decals

Your custom designed sports jersey have heat-pressed decals on it, so when you decide to wash it, you need to take extra care to avoid any damage to the fabric.

How to Repair the Peeling Numbers and Letters on Your Sports Jersey

Sports jerseys are made of sturdy fabric that can survive many washes; however, it’s the numbers & letter decals that start peeling away after a few washes.