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Updated by Ben Mizen on Jul 26, 2018
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#IdeasAlchemyHack - 9 Articles To Improve Teamwork & Leadership

Articles, videos and resources to help you creatively hack though leadership, teamwork and innovation issues in the workplace.

The 5 levels of leadership

Which kind of leader are you?

Leadership lessons from the Royal Navy | McKinsey & Company

This branch of the British armed services consciously fosters cheerfulness and nourishes its collective memory. Business executives should take note.

Less Is More: Why Small Creative Teams Can Be the Strongest of All

Some believe that the bigger a company gets, the more successful it is. But the smallest creative teams are often more efficient and effective.

Making This 1 Brilliant Tweak to Workers' Schedules Skyrocketed Their Productivity |

Given the right motivation, it's amazing how much you can get done in a day.

Why You're Probably Networking All Wrong (and What to Do Instead)

Want to stay top-of-mind with the busiest individuals in your network? Use this simple yet effective networking tip.

3 Ways To Focus On Your Work Without Interruption -- Backed By Science

An ability to focus and work deeply for an extended period is the holy grail for productivity nerds like me. But it's difficult to enter this state without getting distracted by the lure of social media, the distracting dings from mobile devices and our own tendencies to procrastinate.

Six Books that Will Change the Way You Think

Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Cain, Adam Grant, and Daniel Pink have selected the the six Spring Finalist books for the Next Big Idea Club.

Here’s the final nail in the coffin of open plan offices

A new study from Harvard Business School finds that open plan offices don’t live up to the hype–in fact, the idea that they promote interaction is dead wrong.