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Updated by Nakti Panchal on Sep 26, 2018
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VTFintech | Research Evaluation & Benchmark Administration tool | Financial Technology

VTFinTech offers technology platforms for managing investment portfolios and bespoke benchmarks. Its proprietary technology also evaluates investment research for both research providers and consumers. This creates efficient price discovery of the research while ensuring compliance with the un-bundling requirements of MiFID II regulation.


VTFintech | Investment Research & Asset Management tool

VT Fintech is among Europe’s top 3 leading investment management technology firms, they are trying to bring passive investment strategies and ETFs together by creating standalone platform Parity One, also they are providing services like research evaluation, benchmark administration, technology consulting, asset management, portfolio investment.

VTFintech | Parity One | Factor based investment strategies

VT FinTech is among Europe’s top 3 leading financial technology firms. Parity One is product of Vt fintech, Parity one is a unique approach to evaluation of investment research, it builds model portfolios by tracking research recommendations. It's the first platform built exclusively to create and manage Benchmarks. This portfolio approach provides great visibility into the performance of research and research evaluation for both providers and consumers of research. Book your free demo now.

VTFintech | Research Evaluation through Parity One

VTFinTech is among Europe’s top 3 leading financial technology firms. Research evaluation through Parity One research involves providers of investment research, independent evaluation of research and consumers of investment research. Independent and consistent way to evaluate research that is provided in the same form as consumed It is a strategic platform for providers and consumers to track research performance.

The easiest way to create your own indices for ETFs | VTFintech

ETFs have been at the centre of investor money flows for decades. Until the early 2000s, they were restricted to pure passive strategies tracking well known market indices like S&P 500 in the US (no wonder S&P 500 ETFs are the biggest ETFs in the world!) Since the beginning of the 21st century, they adapted to the ‘smarter’ revolution, that’s right the smart-beta investing. While smart beta strategies continue to exist in various product formats, they have become the new poster girl of ETFs

What you should know about MiFID II | VTFintech

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, or MiFID II, was enforced on 03 Jan 2018. This new regulation is aimed at providing greater protection to investors across the spectrum of asset classes. MiFID II covers exchange traded funds (ETFs), foreign exchange, fixed income and equities. The MiFID II regulation is applicable on all sell and buy side companies in the European Union (EU). MiFID II gives regulators much more visibility in to the everyday activities of financial institutions. This visibility gives the tools necessary to spot irregularities and ensure investors are getting fair deals.

What’s the impact of MiFID II on investment research? | VTFintech

8 months in, MiFID II has started to show its impact in the market. One of the mandates of this new regulation was to unbundle research from trade execution. This mandate was created to bring in more transparency and accountability across the board including how investor money was spent by the investment managers. While some are happily embracing this mandate, others are not so thrilled. This difference in the reactions depends on the side of the investment services you are on. The way it has impacted the buy side is completely different than how it has impacted the research providers.

Single vs Multi-Factor ETFs | VTFintech

The irresistible charm of factor investing (single or multi-factor ETFs) lies in their ability to offer potential for out performance, which has led to their explosive growth in recent years. Traditional index funds only use market capitalisation as a factor. Smart-Beta Funds offer a variety of alternatives by offering different weights and factors that can potentially deliver better performance. Such factor-investing allows the flexibility to create a strategy based on one or more factors (drivers of return) that one believes can outperform the market.

VTFinTech deploys Parity One on OpenFin’s Operating System

VTFinTech, the technology provider of portfolio management and research evaluation services, today announced that it has joined the OpenFin platform to quickly and seamlessly onboard, deploy and deliver its Parity One software at scale to financial institutions. Parity One is a revolutionary platform that is used by investment firms to build and manage systematic investment strategies end to end.

VTFinTech partners with research portal Alphametry to roll out its MiFID II compliant research evaluation services

VTFinTech, the technology provider of portfolio management and research evaluation services, announced today that it has partnered with Alphametry to provide its Parity One based Research Evaluation technology on the Alphametry research platform. Available now, the partnership offers asset managers a quantitative way of assessing and evaluating their research providers and content. It will enable data-driven purchase decisions so that buy-side managers can regain access to the research they need under the unbundling requirements of MiFID II regulation. It also offers valuable insights into own research for the providers.