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Top 10 Things to Do and See in Siam Reap - A Town Full of Surprises!

Located in northwestern Cambodia, Siem Reap is a resort town that is home to monumental temples, lively streets, decadent food and a myriad of other attractions. Read on know about the top 10 things you could do when you visit Siam Reap.


Visit the largest religious site ever built

Located 5.5 Kilometres away from the town of Siam Reap lies Angkor Wat; the largest religious site ever built in the history of mankind. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site and the most visited tourist site in Cambodia. Visiting this monumental site will certainly be a worthwhile experience.


Learn some history

There is a museum located close to Angkor Wat, which is completely dedicated to the monument. The museum showcases recovered artefacts from Angkor Wat and many other archaeological sites located nearby. The displayed exhibits in this museum are arranged in chronological order through themed galleries. Audio guides are also available at the entrance and the languages the audio guides are available includes Khmer, English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai.


Discover an enchanted temple

If you are seeking for a jungle adventure, try visiting the Beng Mealea temple which is a Hindu temple located 40 kilometres east of the main temples at Angkor Wat. This temple is located amidst lush and thick jungle and reaching here and exploring the temple will certainly be an exciting and an adventurous experience.


Spend a night in a village that floats

Cambodia is home to the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia and due to reduced land mass and difficulties in finding fish, the villagers have found an indigenous way to survive; that is by building houses on top of the lake with Wood on long, sturdy stilts to avoid getting soaked by flood water. You can visit these villages with uniquely built houses by boat and beware of scammers when booking boat trips.


Visit the pub street

Nestled at the heart of Siam Reap town the pub street is home to a number of restaurants that serve decadent food and bars and clubs that keep on partying till late at night. This street is full of life and certainly, one of the must-visit places in Siem Reap. Things to do here range from tasting delicious food to drinking your favourite cocktail in one of the bars in the pub street and visiting here will certainly be an experience worth your while.


Get a message for little as 3$

The streets of Siem Reap is scattered with a plethora of massage centres that offer you soothing and relaxing massage sessions unlike any place in the world. You can find massage centres that offer massages for your foot, head and body for as little as 3$. If you want more comfort you can find top-notch places for 20$ which is still a bargain compared to massage rates at other destinations around the world.


Get the absolute resort vacation experience

Siam Reap also offers refuge for tourists who seek a tranquil retreat and an absolute resort holiday experience. The city is home to a number of star class resorts and spas that offers travellers ultimate comfort and luxury. Anantara Angkor Resort & Spa is a 5 star resort and an accommodation option worth considering when you visit Siam Reap.


Go shopping at sundown

For most of the traveller's sundown marks the end of the day and the time to return to their accommodations but, if you are in Siam Reap, the story is different. The Siam Reap night market comes to life during dusk. You can also savour scrumptious street food at canteen-style outdoor tables and buy souvenirs and local handicrafts at this market. Even a stroll along the crowded market will be a unique and memorable experience.


Cycle around

Siem Reap is located amidst an incredible countryside that features mildly dense greenery and a lot of villages. Some of these landscapes aren't accessible by vehicles and the best way to explore the surrounding areas is through a bicycle. You can hire a bike for as little as 2$ a day and you can visit wherever your heart wishes as long as you like.


Watch the sunset at Srah Srang

After a tiring day of exploration at the Angkor Wat, on your way back to the town you will have to pass a man-made lake named Srah Srang; if you are lucky and get the timing right, you might get to watch the sun setting over the horizon from the water's edge which will be a stunning scenery and certainly be a view you'll cherish for a lifetime.