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The Institute of Management New Zealand

IMNZ specialises in short courses and programmes for working professionals and businesses.

Leveraging New Skills | IMNZ

Skills has a 25-year history, is New Zealand’s largest industry training organisation (ITO) and manages more than 100 New Zealand qualifications. It works with more than 4,000 employers to facilitate apprenticeship/training programmes for up to 20,000 trainees. And all this across 22 industries as diverse as electricians, plumbers, gasfitters, roofers, real estate agents, security guards, government and emergency response.

Career Education: A Tool to Address the Future of Work | IMNZ

Catching the future before it changes seems to be the only solution to the conundrum of understanding what the future of careers will look like. Generations past probably faced many similar questions in the 50’s and the 60’s following 2 World Wars, a great depression, fictional predictions such as George Orwell’s 1984 and even the Cold War.

Soft skills have never been so important. | IMNZ

Command and control manager-led teams are out, and collaborative, self-organised teams are in. We cannot rely on the robots because they do not have soft skills. Without soft skills we’re literally up the proverbial..

Soft skills have never been so important. | IMNZ

Self-awareness. This helps you to identify the thinking, beliefs and behaviours you need to change to improve your leadership. Most good managers have sound product knowledge or technical skills, the ability to manage relationships and the motivation to succeed. But it is only the exceptional managers who are self-aware.

The launch of the 4-day week | IMNZ

It is a very enlightened leadership initiative, which nearly melted the internet, and it’s easy to see why. This initiative represents exemplary leadership with a focus on trust and continuous improvement. Finding new ways to do things smarter will be with us always and I believe the 4-day work week will unlock discretionary effort and promote collaboration, flexibility and productivity.

Why burnout is killing your business | IMNZ

The biggest threat to building an engaged workforce in 2018 is employee burnout. Despite being so common, many managers are not aware of why it happens or how to keep it from happening.

Learner Case Study- Jenna Neam - Winner of the 2018 AECOM/IMNZ Young Leaders Award | IMNZ

We were thrilled to catch up with Jenna Neame this July. Jenna won the prestigious 2017 IPWEA Young Leader Award and part of her prize was gaining a place on the IMNZ breakthrough leadership ACCELERATE programme. We sat down with Jenna this month to ask about her thoughts on the programme and how she’s implemented her new tools.

Setting the scene for 2019 – 6 tips for building creativity and innovation   | IMNZ

I love the beginning of a year. It’s a great chance to set the scene for what I aspire to learn and achieve in the coming year. We’re sharing the lunch room with robots and AI is everywhere – which got me thinking, as a human, what can I dial up to best ensure a successful leadership career? Two key areas that stand out for me are the rise of creativity as a key leadership skill and the continued importance of innovation.

What is "organisational life" and why is it important for us to understand it? | IMNZ

The disconnect between our jobs and what constitutes organisational life, frequently comes up as a subject in management development, leadership development and executive coaching. Organisational life is what takes place at our place of work where we interact with groups and is distinct from what takes place in other groups we are part of.

Honing your Cultural Intelligence | IMNZ

There is increasing evidence to show that incorporating cultural intelligence into your business strategy can make a significant difference in all facets of your business or organisation, including bottom lines. By Shireen Chua.

The Learning Economy | IMNZ

Human Resources managers and academics know that developing our people is one of the best ways to achieve company objectives and to create a competitive advantage.