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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Top 7 reasons to be a scuba diver- Exploring the aquatic world.

Scuba diving reminds me of the song from the Little Mermaid; "Under the sea, we off the hook, we got no troubles, life is the bubbles!" Here are some reasons to be a mermaid and explore.


It's a whole new world! Literally

The ocean is vast and deep. It is filled with a whole new diversity of life- from colourful fish to mesmerising coral reefs to some sea mammals. You would be able to witness many species you've never seen in your life or you could swim along some. You could witness the dancing by dolphins or listen to the whale's belt out! "


You learn to be more considerate towards the environment

It is a known fact that every year, thousands of marine lives are affected and die because of the environmental pollution. The earth is made of 71% of water, and we humans tend to take it for granted; we dispose of many items, like plastic into the water by means of getting rid of them. But little do we acknowledge, that the ocean is home to many more species and we are polluting it. Reading about it isn't as the same as witnessing it. You will realise the harms that are being done much better, only when you swim through the water and see a turtle or a school of fish stuck in a plastic bag.


It's peaceful

Being under the mighty waves, in a place where all you see and hear is just nature, will definitely help bring you some clarity. It can be equal to meditating.


Inspires you to travel

If you are interested in scuba diving or if you are a scuba diver, you'll undoubtedly look for holiday destinations that will provide you with this opportunity. A popular destination is the Maldives. Water bungalows have become very popular on the island, allowing you to wake up as the early sun rays hit you and dive into the ocean for a quick exploration! Have you watched the sunrise from underwater? The moment the rays break through the surface of the water, refracting and lightening up the ocean bed slowly is a beautiful sight to see. Some resorts like the Anantara Veli Maldives Resort provides the guests with basic introductory classes and also help you explore alongside an expert.


It's a good way to socialise

Leave social networking aside and meet some people with similar interests as you! Share your experiences and learn from them. You could talk about the places you've visited, what you've seen and which ones were your favourite.


Feel weightless

You don't have to go to the moon to defy gravity and float. You could experience the similar feeling underwater too!


It is a life skill!

During times of disasters or an emergency, knowing to dive really lets you help others in a time of distress. Not only others, you are able to take care of yourself too and don't have to be dependent.

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