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8 Things to Know Before Travelling to Thailand - Top Travel Tips to Consider before a Thai Holiday

As one of Asia's most popular vacation destinations, Thailand attracts visitors from around the world. Here are some travel tips for first-time visitors heading to the country.


Dress Appropriately

While the Thai populace is generally fashion forward and tolerant of the emerging trends and clothing choices of tourists, it is important to dress modestly when visiting cultural attractions including the Grand Palace and the many temples in and around Bangkok and elsewhere. Covering one's knees and elbows or wearing a shawl or other discreet and modest attire is recommended when visiting Wat Arun and other iconic temples in the country or risk being told to cover up by officials at the Grand Palace.


Don't Insult the Monarchy

Although it may be acceptable to joke about the British royal family or the latest incidents involving the monarchs of European nations, tourists should refrain from commenting on the Thai royal family or the monarch whenever possible. Insulting the monarch or the Thai king is a grave offence punishable by law in Thailand so speak respectfully of the local sovereign or avoid the topic altogether when engaging with locals.


Transport Tips

The capital city of Bangkok is served by a wide variety of metro and railway lines but elsewhere in Thailand, tuk-tuks and taxis are the most convenient ways to get around. Although it is relatively safe, avoid taking three-wheelers for night-time journeys and instead book a taxi cab. Tuk-tuks are perfect for daytime transfers but for nightly excursions, reserve a taxi from a reliable local taxi service.


Use the Metro and SkyTrain

Unlike most Asian cities, travelling via public transport is not only a comfortable experience in Thailand but also the most affordable option available to visitors. The MRT light rail service and the BTS SkyTrains not also serve all major parts of the capital but also make speedy and effortless transfers at an affordable rate. The coaches are clean and well maintained and day pass or three-day pass will be more than enough for short stay visitors based in AVANI Atrium Bangkok or the countless other Bangkok city hotels in Thailand.


Don't Queue

Queuing is an alien concept for most Thais, so do not attempt to form a line when you are in line to buy a snack from a food cart or go to the train station for a travel pass. Thais prefer to form a crowd or semi-circle and holding one's ground is the key to success when it comes to waiting for your turn. Do not be alarmed if locals and visitors crowd around you as personal space is also a less familiar concept to the local population.


Using Cutlery

Use a spoon to consume rice and other food items whenever possible. Using a fork to pick up and consume food is in bad form according to local customs so use the fork to move food onto the spoon instead.


Engage with Locals

The posters and the travel accounts are all true. Thai people are some of the friendliest and kindest communities one will come across in Asia. It is not unusual for Thais to strike up a chat with complete strangers or offer tourists tips and advice on how to go about their travels. Be polite and engage with the local community and pick up a few Thai phrases along the way.


Avoid the Beer and Water Confusion

Beer brands in Thailand also manufacture bottled water, so clarity of pronunciation is of utmost importance when ordering beverages in Thai restaurants. Add the word water to popular brand names the likes of Singha and Chang to ensure the server understands what you are ordering.