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Money Matters: Financial Management Tips for Students

Being a student, starting a business is definitely difficult, but manageable as long as you know how to properly manage your time between business and studies. Then comes the hard part; creating a business model that would grow by leaps and bounds. And if you do succeed, you’ll have a significant boost in the career ladder, and perhaps build your fortune from your startup idea.

Tips to Reduce Food Wastage for Students

simple solution to this problem is to buy only what you can adequately consume. But, people, especially, students should be educated about the harmful effects of food wastage as a part of their life skills. Today, we will share with you, the tips on how to reduce food wastage for students.

Doctors: Aged Care Industry Need More Care Professionals

The result of the survey reveals an upcoming shortage within the healthcare sector that could affect the ageing community and its workforce in the long run.

Introduction to Aged Care: How to Care for Elderly Family Members

An introduction to aged care and why it matters to families that have ageing family members such as parents, grandparents and immediate family.

Aged Care Residents Facing New Risk on Doctor Visitation According to Survey

A recent survey revealed that more than one in three doctors is considering stopping their regular visits in residential aged care facilities within the next two years, which could affect the health and well-being of older Australians living in aged residential dwellings.

The Common Cooking Myths Debunked for Students

These myths are traditional and are still around today as they are often believed by non-professional cooks, (such as students) who have yet to attend a culinary school or have yet to come across the information that debunks that cooking myth. Today, we are going to explore and debunk the common cooking myths:

Australia's Aged Care Facilities are Experiencing Expansion

Residential aged care facilities may pose benefits for families and the ageing as well, however, the facility itself is losing a key component — the homey feeling.

How Diet is Essential in the Aged Care Process

Diet is important in every stage of a person's life. With ageing, diet plays an even more important factor due to the changes in the body due to old age.

Positive Disruption in the Aged Care Industry

Aged care has been surrounded by eye-opening stories. Among of the eye-opening stories is the number of older Australians at risk with malnutrition. Another eye-opening stories is that aged care facilities are looking less homely in terms of residential aesthetics, but instead transforming into institutionalized facilities by expanding operational capacity.

For Students: DIY Cooking for Yourself

Learning to cook for yourself and preparing your own home cooked meals may spark your interest in pursuing a career based on the culinary arts.

Tips for Cooking Meat like a Pro | Melbourne City Institute of Education

Different kinds of meat for different kinds of dishes with almost endless variations when it comes to preparation and cooking. Let's take a look at the basics that will have you cook meat like a pro.

How Social Outreach Helps Improve Aged Care

As we advance in the industry of aged care and caregiving, the human touch of social outreach is proven to be improving the welfare of aged people.

Aged Care: Reducing Injuries from Pressure | Melbourne City Institute of Education

By being careful with pressure on applied aged care physical therapies, we can drastically reduce injuries related to pressure application.

Lessons from Aged Care Failure According to Reports

The failures of aged care from over the years is a haunting lesson for the industry where improvements needs to be done to improve quality care.

10 Tips to Cook Healthier Today | Melbourne City Institute of Education

As a student of commercial cookery, cooking and serving healthy meals is one of our mission in order to deliver a very healthy meal.

Food Efficiency: How to Avoid These Food Leftover Mistakes

There is much food wastage in the world. As a student of cookery and the culinary arts, learning to store food for later consumption is recommended.

Workplace Safety Tips to Know

As a part of your workplace, knowing the first aid is essential for the welfare and safety of everyone.