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Wishbox Studio

WishBox Studio is a public relations and graphic design studio based in New Delhi, India.

We are a PR & Communication Design Studio, ready to undertake challenging projects to bring creative satisfaction to ourselves and our clients. We look forward to innovating, doing unconventional and experimental projects.

We are a boutique PR and Communication Design agency with a pan India presence. Our team of 25 young professionals continuously strive to connect every brand/entity with its right influencer and target group. The company was founded in 2010 by the husband-wife duo Pawan Hora and Shilpa Wadhwa with a vision of making it a one-stop shop to fulfill all creative and editorial driven wishes of its clients. Since its inception, the company has serviced 200+ clients.

Why it is important to take the client out for a media round - Wishbox

As a PR professional, we feel that at times it is important that we ask the representatives of  various brands to accompany us to the media rounds. Listed below are a few reasons why we feel it is important to take the client out for the same:-

Movies every PR Practitioner MUST watch - Wishbox

“When a movie character is really working, we become that character. That’s what the movies offer: Escapism into lives other than our own,” said the famous American film critic Roger Ebert.

Bizarre Requests that Clients make - Wishbox

In every PR professional’s career, one always comes across some clients who demand unreasonable collateral(s). These unreasonable demands can be anything from getting their niche brand featured in a Bollywood Movie to collaborating with fashion influencers for free. To give you a sneak peak of such bizarre demands, we asked various PR professionals to share some funny instances wherein their client demanded something really out of the purview of their domain.

Publication Design Agency Delhi | Report Design In India

Publication Design Agency in Delhi, India. Professional design for your magazine, brochures, Report Design, Infographic, Publication, Branding and More.

Social impact of graphic design

Humans happen are certainly a special breed. Powered by the help of imagination and invented tools, we have, on more occasions than one, transformed the fabric of society in quite a lot of ways. But this transformation is not always positive, and in innumerable cases, we have had to suffer a lot for the comforts and facilities of life that we take for granted.

5 must-read books for every PR Professional - Wishbox

Books are the perfect entertainment: no commercials, no batteries, hours of enjoyment for each dollar you spent.

Website Designing Services Agency In Delhi | Web Design Delhi

Wishboxstudio is a professional Website Designing Agency in Delhi. Offering website design and responsive web design services in India.

The Fault in Our Relationship Building Meetings! - Wishbox

Every PR professional understands the effort it takes to connect their client with the journalist. A relationship-building meeting (RBM) forms an important part of the PR activity as it facilitates direct interaction between the client and the journalist. Having said that, media training forms a crucial aspect of the PR activity as a wrong move can puncture the relationship.

Logo Design Company in Delhi | Logo Designers In Delhi

Best Logo Design Company in Delhi, India. Specializes in creating incredible logos for your company and website from Professional Logo Designers in Delhi.

Your Luxury Gifting Guide for Diwali - Wishbox

In the midst of a hectic festive season, it’s hard to find time to go shopping, let alone pick out the perfect gift. If you’re running low on gift-giving inspiration, don’t fret! Looking for Luxury Gift options this Diwali? Search no more. Our clients at WishBox Studio have got all your needs covered.

Graphic Design Agency in Delhi | Graphic Design Studio Company India

Wishboxstudio is the best graphic design Studio Company and agency in Delhi, India. We are offering high-quality graphic design services in India.

How social media influencers are making your restaurant the talk of the town - Wishbox

If you’re in the restaurant business, you’re probably always looking for effective ways to attract new customers and get more table bookings. Food, being one of the major parts of our lives have seen a paramount shift in the preferences made by people who are spoiled with choice.

The fears of a new PR joinee and how to overcome them - Wishbox

PR or Public relations is not only a profession but an art. It gives you the creative space to explore and improvise. The standard definition says Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public. But anybody who does PR knows that it is a lot more than just that–from press releases to Op-ed’s, from industry notes to client meetings. PR professionals are like storytellers who convey their stories organically through unpaid methods solely on the basis of their content. It’s not something you can mug-up, but it’s a skill that one masters with time. It is also one of the most challenging professions to pursue.

Is there no such thing as BAD PUBLICITY? - Wishbox

Often we have heard people saying "Every publicity is good publicity" and we have observed the filmmakers and the stars relentlessly engaging in promoting..

Ways To Create A Successful Brand Identity – Branding Design

Brand identity A collection of all brand elements created by a company to portray its right image in the eyes of the customer is brand identity. Brand identity makes you stand out among the endless crowd of competitors and shows the customer who you are and what to expect while being associated with you.

Branding Studio in Delhi NCR | Branding Studio in Delhi

Branding Studio in Delhi, India. Creative designing, Brochure, Report Design, Logos, Branding and Infographic Design Services agency In Delhi NCR.