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Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer With 5 Effective Tips

Summer can be a difficult season for the pets due to the unbearable heat and humidity. Now keep your pets safe with the right tips and techniques to follow.

5 Benefits of Cleaning Your Car

A dirty car not only looks bad but can also be dangerous. It is important to seek car wash and maintenance services to keep vehicle in top-notch condition. Know more about the reasons for hiring car wash services.

Car Detailing: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

Car detailing is a seemingly pivotal step that you need to undertake in order to make your car feel new and shiny! Know more about car detailing and the process before opting for one.

Remove Pet Hair From Your Car With These 7 Effective Tips

Pet hair all over your car can get extremely annoying. Learn how to deal with the same and give your car look cleaner. Also, learn how to control pet hair.

Remove Water Spots From Your Car With Effective Tips

Water spots on cars can be extremely annoying. Learn how to deal with the water spots effectively and get rid of the same without damaging the exterior of the car.

Updated Car Technology Needs Professional Car Washing Services

Giving your car a proper wash is important. It is always better to seek help from the professionals because they use the right technology to give your car a new appeal.

The value and benefit of local car wash services

Owning a car is not enough. Services like car washing, car and auto detailing should be done periodically for having a well-maintained car. After all, a good-looking car surely grabs attention of others.

Tips to car upholstery cleaning and car carpet cleaning you should follow

Auto carpet cleaning services are necessary to maintain your car’s upholstery & car carpets. Not cleaning these for a long time can render negative impression upon those traveling in your car.

Easy Car Care Tips For You To Follow

The PPT describes the various steps to keep your car in good shape. The tips needed to achieve the same range from checking and removing a clogged air filter, checking a spark plug, and taking the car through extensive detailing services to maintaining the battery and checking the tire pressure. The tips, if followed to their entirety, will keep your car in good working condition and yield a good mileage as well.

What is the difference between Car Washing & Car Detailing?

Car washing and detailing have substantial differences in the way they are executed. If the former is only about removing dust, the latter is more elaborate.

Why Touch Free Car Wash is more Preferred?

Auto car cleaning is one of the best ways to clean your car. It does not cause any scratches from physical damage and cleans your car in a proper manner.

Self Serve Dog Wash – A Brief Insight

If you are looking for a good center at Calgary with all the facilities, then there are many for you. Run a search over the internet to find one of them.

Finding Best Car Wash Service Provider in Calgary – A Couple of Tips

When it comes to car washing services in Calgary, there are many options available to you. Besides, you can also opt for different types of car washing services.

What Is Eco-Friendly Auto Detailing & Its Necessity

Cars need special care & attention to regain their appeal. Eco-friendly auto detailing uses green products that do not harm the environment besides saving water.

Be New Year Ready With Car Detailing In Calgary

Cars can be subjected to multiple scratches and dents. We often pay attention to the performance parts while car detailing can give it a new glow.

Winter Care For Your Dog In 5 Easy Steps

The winter season is as hard on dogs as it is on humans. Fortunately, 5 easy steps can ensure proper care for them.

What makes self serve dog wash the right choice for you?

Happy Bays is a professional grooming facility for dog wash in Calgary. We offer all-breed dog grooming services using the world's most advanced washing and cleaning technology.

A Discussion on the Types of Car Wash Services

If you are considering to clean your car but do not know which one would be the best choice for you, read on to know the most popular car wash services available.

Why It Helps to Get Professional Car Detail Services?

Car detailing services is a great way to improve the condition and increase the safety level of the car. This blog discusses the need for car detailing.

Save Time and Money with Homemade Dog Shampoo

The use of homemade dog shampoo not only keeps your dog clean and free of diseases but also saves you both time and money. Read on to learn how to prepare homemade shampoo.

Emerging Trend in Car Detailing & Washes

Modern Technology is increasingly replacing Car Detailing and Washes. What are the emerging trends in this sector? Read on to learn more about this trend

What Do I Need To Know Before a Car Detailing In Calgary?

When it comes to car washing and servicing, there are certain things that should be kept in mind to make the best use of options available to keep the car in tiptop condition while saving money.

What's in a Dog Skin? | Happy Bays | Animated Short | Dog Wash Ad

Happy Bays is a dog wash company in Calgary, dedicated to give your dog a happy time, everytime they be here for a wash. We offer Self Serve Dog Wash, with dog-skin friendly bathing products.

All About Dog And Pet Wash

Your dog needs regular care. Learn the bathing schedule as per your breed of dog.

How to Deal with Window Spots on Your Car?

If there are too many spots present on the window as well as other areas of the vehicle, it becomes quite a challenge to find out what exactly caused the spots. Learn how to keep these water spots away from your car.

  • Happy Bays Car and Dog Wash providing car wash and dog wash in Calgary. Happy Bays provides new, state of the art washing equipment to safely clean both your car and your pet. We have built something very special in Happy Bays Car & Dog wash. Our services are assured to give your car and dog a complete cleaning so that your effort is reduced to a great extent.

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