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Headline for Different Types of Lenses for Eyeglasses – Show Off Your Personal Style
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Different Types of Lenses for Eyeglasses – Show Off Your Personal Style

Despite the invention of the contact lens, eyeglasses remain popular, due to the many advances made in lenses, and the fashionable frames which skilfully show off individual personalities. There is a whole range of lenses and frames to choose from to suit you.


The Aspheric Lens

This is a pretty classy looking lens which not only corrects your vision but offers a sleek appearance due to its slender nature. While enhancing your appearance the lens has the ability to greatly improve your peripheral vision as well.


Bifocal lens

The bifocal lens helps correct two different planes of vision; separated into two zones by a line on the lens, two problems are corrected at once. The bottom zone is made to correct near vision while the upper zone of the lens helps correct distance vision.


High-Index Plastic Lens

The high-index plastic lens provides a high range of protection from ultra-violet rays than the conventional lens. The lens is much thinner and hence, it is also lightweight; it can be found at Vision Care Optical Services, and other optometrists offering the latest designs and trends in eyewear. Anyone looking to correct or test eye diseases in Sri Lanka now have a choice of testing their eyes at such vision centres using state-of-the-art technology.


Polarized Lens

The perfect lens to reduce glare, the polarized lens drastically reduces the dazzle caused by water, snow and other reflective surfaces. Hence, this lens is the preferred choice for sunglasses and come in a variety of stylish shades to create that personal appearance.


The Photochromic Lens

This is a great lens for those of you who don't want to bother switching from shades to eyeglasses. The photochromic lens has the ability to remain clear in dark conditions and to darken in conditions where there is a bright light. This lens is also great for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.


Polycarbonate Lens

A very durable and lightweight lens often chosen for glasses worn by athletes and children, the polycarbonate lens is made from a very lightweight material which is also quite hardy; besides, this lens too offers protection from UV rays.


The Progressive Lens

Your vision care expert in Sri Lanka will recommend the progressive lens as you age; the lens also called the no-line bifocal has a marvellous ability to let the wearer see clearly, near, far and intermediately placed objects with one pair of glasses.


Reading Glasses

Reading glasses can generally be bought over the counter, and do not require a prescription; although having a pair specially made may benefit your vision better. A reading glass is like a magnifying glass helping you to well, see text clearly.


Wavefront Lens

This is a very special lens, made with the aid of measuring technology, which helps to assess all optical imperfections in an individual. This speciality lens is ideal for individuals who have a higher prescription for glasses.