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The 6 Components of the CELPIP Listening Exam | JRooz CELPIP Review

The CELPIP listening test is divided into six parts. You need to get to know each section so you can prepare for them adequately. This article discusses their essentials. Consider them during your CELPIP classes to enhance your training experience. Want to learn more about these test components? Pick your instructor’s brain during your CELPIP classes. Not only can he/she give you a more in-depth discussion of each part, but he/she can also help you refine your listening strategies.

CELPIP Review Center

JRooz CELPIP Review Center assures the high quality of review programs, extensive lectures and tried-and-tested exam strategies. Our instructors are reputable English majors who have proven excellence and dedication in teaching their students about the CELPIP test formats and other vital guidelines. JRooz CELPIP Review Center is run by top-caliber instructors—ones who have assisted countless language test takers secure their grade goals.

The Test Taker’s Guide to the CELPIP General’s Scoring System

Don’t limit your review efforts to your CELPIP preparation program. Conduct your own study sessions! Visit our blog to find out more useful information that’ll boost your chances of CELPIP success!

Top Tips for CELPIP Review

Make every second of your CELPIP preparation period count to achieve your grade goals on your first attempt. Complement your classes at the CELPIP review center Manila with these tips.

Drop 'Very' and Use These Words Instead! (A–D) | JRooz CELPIP Review

Expand your vocabulary alongside your CELPIP Philippines course. Avoid using the word “very.” Use these words instead to refine your speech and writings.

5 Things to Consider in Choosing Your CELPIP Preparation Program

If you are looking for the perfect training course program to boost your CELPIP preparation, you need to consider various factors such as your daily schedule and the location of the review center. To guide you more, here are the five things that you need to consider in picking your CELPIP training program

Professional Organizations Accepting CELPIP Test | JRooz CELPIP

The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) is a computer-delivered English language assessment test that evaluates test takers ability to communicate with superiors, co-workers, and others in the workplace or community in Canada. The CELPIP exam is ideal as a proof of English language proficiency for Canadian citizenship. For test takers who are interested in pursuing their careers or education in Canada, read and follow these professional organizations accepting CELPIP test.

Practical Tips for CELPIP Speaking Task 5: Comparing & Persuading

Do you want to hone your CELPIP preparation and ace this Speaking Task? Check out these six practical tips on how to get a high band score in the CELPIP Speaking Task 5 – comparing and persuading! Comparing and persuading is the fifth task in the CELPIP speaking test. In this Speaking Task, you will see pictures of two different products on the screen. Your task is to pick one from the two pictures that you can easily talk about. Each product contains detailed descriptions, so you can compare their differences. There is no right or wrong choice. Your goal is to convince the examiner that your choice is better than the other one.

CELPIP Writing Tips: Learning About Verb Moods | JRooz CELPIP

As one of the components of the CELPIP-General test, the Writing Section measures your ability to communicate through writing in an everyday situation. If you’re a test taker enrolled in a CELPIP preparation program, it is essential to look for numerous study tips and techniques that can help develop your writing skills and ace the CELPIP-General Writing Test. For instance, one of the most practical writing tips that you can apply in your exam preparation is learning about verb moods.

CELPIP Writing Tips: The Different Types of Clauses | JRooz CELPIP

Do you want to develop your vocabulary and writing skills? Aside from enrolling in a CELPIP review center and joining a group study, it is also beneficial to look for a simple yet effective writing tip that you can apply in your study sessions. For instance, one practical tip that you can use in your CELPIP writing preparation is learning about the types of clauses.

Your Guide to CELPIP Reading Success | JRooz CELPIP Review

The CELPIP listening test is divided into four parts. The first two sections test your ability to understand correspondences and diagrams while the latter sections evaluate your ability to analyze and identify key information. Consider them during your CELPIP preparation course to enhance your training

CELPIP Review Philippines: Your Guide to CELPIP Speaking Success

Speaking is the last of the four communicative abilities evaluated by CELPIP. This article provides a comprehensive summary of its test’s format, contents, and success essentials. Consider them during your CELPIP preparation to supercharge your training experience.

CELPIP Review Philippines: How to Study Smart for the CELPIP Exam

Training with a first-rate CELPIP preparation program, like the one offered by JRooz Review, will definitely boost your chances of success. Elevate your CELPIP preparation. Integrate these tips into your study efforts to accomplish and retain a lot in the shortest time possible!

CELPIP Review Philippines: CELPIP Writing Tips: How to Use Interrogative Pronouns

CELPIP Writing Tips: How to Use Interrogative Pronouns

Most test takers find it challenging to construct clear and concise essays during the CELPIP Writing Test. As a student enrolled in a CELPIP preparation program, it is very important to find various writing techniques and strategies that can help develop your essay-writing skills and ace the writing exam. To help you accomplish this, check out these practical writing tips on how to use interrogative pronouns.

CELPIP Hacks: How to Answer Different Task Types

Do you want to boost your chances of achieving your CELPIP grade goals? Hone your test strategies. Have a set approach for each task type that you’ll encounter during the exam.

Speak Like a Native: 12 Canadian Slang Words CELPIP Takers Must Know

Are you preparing with an excellent CELPIP review center in Manila? Want to raise your chances of success even higher? Build up your Canadian English vocabulary!

CELPIP Exam Tips: Top Tips for CELPIP Listening Part 1: Listening to Problem Solving

For this listening task, you are required to listen to an audio recording about two people discussing a specific problem. The conversation consists of three sections. In the first section, a person explains the problem and states his opinion. In the second section, the other person tells his opinion that is not a perfect solution to the problem.