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5 Best Wellness Retreats in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been long renowned for its collection of properties offering the utmost in Ayurveda and other health adjacent treatments. For the intrepid traveller looking for something off the beaten track in terms of experience, Sri Lanka has it all and wellness retreats are a huge part of that.
The properties below are some properties that should be on every traveller’s list.


Santani Resort and Spa

Santani Resort and Spa

Located near the Hulu River in the central hill country, Santani is a picture perfect resort nestled in greenery, swathed in mountain mists and serenaded by the hundreds of birds that call the surrounding their home. It is among the best wellness and spa retreats in the world. There are experienced Yoga & Ayurvedic practitioners all year round ready to help you relax, rejuvenate and re-energize – all it takes is a leap of faith.


Heritance Ayurveda Resort

The key word here is privacy as you can relax in your own villa while indulging in a range of treatments that are tailor made to your preference. Located in Beruwala, overlooking the crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean, Heritance is perfect for those wishing to remain close to the pumping, city life of the coasts but escaping into an oasis of peace and quiet when necessary.


Sen Wellness Sanctuary

Perched on a pristine beach in Tangalle, Sen Wellness is a sanctuary for those wishing to escape the travails of everyday life but it isn’t just an attractive label. The beaches of this beautiful resort offer sanctuary to the green turtles that nest there. Once you have met with the resident naturopaths, yoga instructors, osteopaths etc. you will realize just how symbolically significant this phenomenon is: in Asia, turtles represent universal order.


Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort

Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort

Among the few wellness destinations that welcome families, Barberyn Reef is also located on a beach, this time in Beruwala. You will be blown away by the architecture, with buildings designed to minimize the barriers between outside and inside. There are large picture windows bringing in the bracing salt sea breeze to clear out the cobwebs within us and there are Ayurvedic doctors waiting to take you in hand as soon as you arrive.


Ulpotha Resort

Ulpotha Resort

Located in a region that belonged to the ancient Anuradhapura kingdom, Ulpotha is a village located at the foot of a mountain. It is a living village that was rescued from ruin and now farms the land organically, offering yoga, Ayurvedic sessions, a traditional lifestyle and other unique experiences. You will live in a wattle & daub hut, and bathe in the village tank alongside learning the secrets of spiritual growth.