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Updated by CommTogether on Dec 17, 2021
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Top Content Marketing Strategies and Business Branding Tips Blogs

CommTogether, A top marketing agency located in Australia focus on assisting small to medium business and not for profit sectors. Over 30 years of experience in marketing, we provide branding & marketing service.


Not Understanding Your Brand Position

The secret to attracting business from the clients you want has everything to do with how you have positioned your brand. Having a brand strategy is absolutely critical because it means you understand your audience and how to connect with them.

I have never had a website, so why do I need one now?

Every week I hear this statement disguised as a question by another business owner, "I have never had a website, so why do I need one now"? Read here why. It is important to choose the right website package which is most suitable for the business.

Would you like to hear your business roar?

There are many things you should be doing to maximise the potential of your business. CommTogether specialises in unleashing the full potential of your business and helping you find your voice so your customers can hear you.

Paying the right price for a website

A website will not work for you if it is not thought through from a marketing perspective first. Think about your brand positioning and the audiences you want to target. Plan the site around addressing each audience separately.

Inconsistent Way the Business is Described

Do you know how you want your brand positioned in the market? If you are answering no to this, you are doing your business a major disservice, limiting your ability to maximise its potential. Here is what you need to do.

How do you attract the right people?

How do you attract the right people to your business? Take a look at some of the most successful businesses and you’ll notice the power of their statements. They make them easily accessible so they attract more of the right people.

Is your name bad for business?

Is your name bad for business? The answer is, it is part of your business name then more than likely the answer is yes. Still not sure? Ask yourself, is your business under performing; is the revenue is not as high as you would like?

How to Use Social Media For Online Branding

Social media is where your business can talk to the world. The best piece of advice to give you is, you need to make sure you have the foundations of your brand in order first. Uncovering information about your audience and your business will help determine if and which social media channel is right for you. Contact Commtogether for your free assessment.

Importance of Marketing Strategy Plan To Grow Your Business

The need for Marketing in today’s world is very important for the growth of any Business. It allows them to reach to their targeted market quickly. CommTogether is one such marketing agency of Australia to help you. It also has a specialised division for not for profit marketing sector as well as brand marketing.

How to Grow And Build Brand Awareness?

There are certain ways which allow the company to promote their products and create their brand awareness. Solid and influencing brand awareness can help to grow the customers. To make your brand known, brand build is extremely important for every business.

Key elements To Make An Effective Marketing Plan

A good marketing plan is more than the list of functional and promotional activities. It contains the pathway of successful product and market branding. Following are some effective marketing strategies that will skyrocket the sales and help the organisation to grow.

Marketer’s Guide To Make A Marketing Strategy For Small Business

Small business owners know the importance of an effective marketing strategy to grow their business. Market Branding plays a very important role in business these days so it’s important to know how to grow the business effectively. Initially, small businesses owners can take help from Marketing agency as they specialises in branding.

Top 5 Marketing Strategies For Successful Brand Development

Brand development is vital to build the successful empire. Get the inbound and content marketing concepts right in business, Read here top 5 marketing strategy and its plan.

Advantages Of Social Media Marketing For Business – CommTogether

Now it has been very well established that the Digital Marketing is vital for the growth of the business as it allows to reach the customers easily and efficiently. The social media is not only used for communication but also used for marketing purpose. The value obtained from the social media is enormous for the corporate giants to deliver their website packages to the targeted customer and organization.

How do you take marketing baby steps?

In a world filled with more marketing choices than ever before, committing to marketing and a strategic approach can be overwhelming. It begs the question, how do you take marketing baby steps? Let CommTogether take you to the right starting point, to launch some marketing which will assist you in achieving your objectives.

5 Types Of Marketing Strategies You Should Try For Business

The importance of marketing cannot be neglected in today’s world as any organisation cannot flourish their brand without preparing a perfect marketing strategies. Normally it can be seen that there are two types of company in the market where one company rapidly grows and the other one is just stuck around in the same place for a long time.

6 Reasons Why Marketing Is Essential For Not For Profit Organisation

Running a successful nonprofit business can be a rewarding labor of love that adores invaluable service and support to the culture and the community at a large scale. Investing countless hours every day and growing a membership and also raising vital funds to benefit the staff and members is an act of generosity as not for profit marketing needs a lot of dedicated time.

Choose The Brand & Marketing Product Which Suits Your Needs

CommTogether offers a range of brand and marketing services. The packages in each range of options where we just guide you through to fully managed services. We recommend you start with one of our Brand & Marketing Authenticity tools but feel free jump right in with what suits your brand build needs.

Top 7 Content Marketing Trends Of Business For 2018

It is a well-known fact that Content is the king. This 2018 will be the year where the excitement will continue to surface in the world of content marketing. It will make the content marketing an ideal choice of investment for the brands who embrace it. Soon, Inbound marketing is going to be bread and butter for the organization. Here are some of the trends helping the organization to grow their business.

How to do marketing right?

How often you think about why your business doesn't work or your marketing strategies don't work. Commtogether is all here to help you with branding and content marketing plan and strategies and many more. Contact now!

5 Effective Ways To Get Maximum Result Of Your Marketing Effort – CommTogether

There are excessively numerous variables about your marketing effort that nobody can control. Here are five different ways you can amplify your marketing endeavors - whether we are in a subsidence or a blasting period.

Unique Business Branding Ideas To Create A Brand Identity

Business branding is one such way to keep new visitors coming to you. Have you ever given a thought that how brands like Apple, Nike, Microsoft are called ‘The Brand’ today? let’s look at how branding will help you create your identity.

Best Business Branding Tips To Boost Your Marketing Reach

Customer reach is the potential number of customers business can reach through any marketing channel or campaign. For optimum growth of customer base, business owners need to keep on increasing customer reach. That’s why it is important to have a business branding strategy. Here are some of the useful tips to boost marketing reach

10 Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you are putting your blood, sweat and tears into your business but not getting the rewards then the chances are you are committing one of 10 common marketing mistakes. Make a marketing strategies that work with us. Hurry! Download now the Free E copy of "10 Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid"

5 Must-Follow Brand Building Strategies For Business

The integral aspect of personal and business development is to build the identity of the business. It increases the voice and consumer awareness of a brand and also enhances identity and worth. The advent of participatory and interactive platforms has given many businesses the chance to enhance brand building awareness and equity. Follow these brand building strategies to grow.