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A List of Japanese Delicacies - From Miso Soup to Okonomiyaki: A Delight for your Taste Buds!

There are a number of different Japanese dishes and delicacies, over one hundred in number. Read on to find some of the most well - known dishes that feature prominently in Japanese cuisine.


Miso Soup

Start your meal right by opting for a delicious Miso Soup. Miso Soup is usually consumed during breakfast and is prepared with vegetables, seafood and meat which is combined with miso, tofu and dashi. Even though it is traditionally considered a breakfast option, many Teppanyaki restaurants offer the soup as a starter on dinner menus as well.



Ramen is another type of soup that is beloved, not only in Japanese cuisine but the world over. Ramen usually incorporates wheat noodles with a broth made of soy sauce or miso, or a fish or meat broth. However, the consistency of the soup can vary from place to place, and this is especially so if you live outside Japan. For example, while those living in Thailand can try Ramen at a global chain such as Benihana Thailand, it is also possible to obtain a ramen dish from a street vendor – however, you will instantly notice the difference in flavour.



While the majority of Japanese cuisine is inedible when it comes to vegetarians, this particular side dish may appeal to them. Tempura usually involves deep frying vegetables that have been coated in a light batter which gives them a delicious crunchy texture. However, it is not only vegetables that Tempura entails; some restaurants also deep fry fish and serve it as part of the tempura dish. Tempura, whether vegetable or fish, is usually served with a dip called tentsuyu.



Okonomiyaki is a delicious Japanese dish that is prepared by most Japanese restaurants. Okonomiyaki can be described as a pancake, albeit savoury in nature, which is usually prepared by combining leftover food. The Japanese try to minimize wastage of food in this manner, and the Okonomiyaki dish is a wonderful way to do so. Many restaurants actually offer you the option of preparing your own Okonomiyaki at your table.



Makizushi is an unfamiliar name for a very familiar type of Japanese dish, namely, Maki or Sushi Roll. Makizushi is simply the name that is used to refer to sushi which is prepared by rolling the rice and meats or vegetables into a long cylinder. Usually, this cylinder is cut into smaller pieces and served. Often, a dish will have around six pieces. Mazikushi is prepared with nori on the outside, filled with rice and other ingredients such as fish or vegetables. An Avocado Maki or a Cucumber Maki is a popular dish amongst vegetarians.



Yuba is a dish that is prepared with tofu skin. The texture of this particular dish is usually quite similar to mozzarella cheese. Yuba is usually served with a very light dipping sauce while some restaurants also offer it up with a bit of wasabi.