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Updated by SellDo Real Estate CRM on May 28, 2019
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Improve sales productivity from day one - managing your sales team and the lead pipeline has never been so easy!

How to manage your leads using Sell.Do?

So you’ve decided to go live with a new campaign. Is it an online or offline one? Or is it an integrated campaign to ensure a 360° push to reach your potential customers?

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Here’s Our 4-min Guide To Profile Your Prospects Better

One of the biggest contemporary challenges faced by Marketing & Sales departments this century is managing information. For every project, there are site offices, then there are salespersons manning these offices. Each sales guy has his own set of leads. Each lead has his/her specific set of expectations. Expectations are varied and studying this variance in isolation becomes a headache for everyone.

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9 Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Successful Real Estate Marketers

At, We have listed down 9 unique real estate marketing ideas that can help your brand get noticed and achieve required conversions.
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This Gudi Padwa, achieve higher conversions | Sell.Do Real Estate CRM

Get More Property Bookings this Gudi Padva with Sell.Do Real Estate CRM. Sell.Do is a great Real estate sales & marketing automation platform which is quite user friendly and simple

Market Smarter. Sell Faster.

Sell.Do provides the power of automation technology to the real estate industry that allows them to streamline their marketing campaign performances and sales team productivity. Made exclusively to enhance overall client relationship experience of the real estate ecosystem, Sell.Do brings data-intelligence, data security and a simple CRM solution for real estate ecosystem on a single platform.

Why do real estate businesses need contact center & pre-sales software?

The feature article talks about "Why do real estate businesses need to contact center & pre-sales software?"

How to Select a Contact Center Software that is best for Real Estate Projects

Getting back to your potential customer in the first 8 minutes can raise the customer gratification rating by more than 65%. This statistic has stemmed from serving more than 600+ real estate clients here at Sell.Do. This indicates exactly why real estate sales & marketing teams need contact center software. Let’s take a tour to the contact center set-up.

What makes Real Estate SEO different from Standard SEO | Real Estate Digital Marketing

If you know basic SEO and want to apply it for optimizing leads for your real estate website, think again. It’s because real estate SEO is a different ballgame all together. The simple reason being..

Impact of Vertical CRM on Marketing Automation and Sales Management | Real Estate CRM

A Vertical CRM is made exclusively for any specific industry verticals like BFSI, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Healthcare & Retail. The software has all necessary considerations like sales cycle, business process, marketing channels, and prospect journey pre-programmed as per respective industry segment.

What is a CRM? | Customer Relationship Management | Sales and Marketing

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, also referred to as Sales CRM software, allows businesses to manage, track, and engage with their marketing leads and offer them service them throughout their buying journey.

Understanding MQL vs SQL for better Real Estate Lead Management System

The blog gives deep insight into bettering your real estate sales growth by improving your ratio of marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads. The blog article covers topics like “what is lead qualification”, “need for lead qualifications in real estate industry”, “how to improve MQL-SQL for real estate” and choosing a sales CRM/ real estate CRM that is made keeping in mind real estate MQL-SQL needs.


Sell.Do Real estate crm software

Sell.Do Real estate crm software

Quick And Smart Property Selling For Your Pre-Sales And Sales Team


What should you look for in a CRM, what are the different types of CRM in the market?

What should you look for in a CRM, what are the different types of CRM in the market?

Real Estate CRM Software Functionality/Process

Real Estate CRM Software Functionality/Process

If ever there was a battleground for marketing and sales, you’d find sales blaming marketing for poor lead quality and marketing accusing sales of poor lead servicing. This gap between sales and marketing is the reason the real estate industry finds it difficult to keep a track on their marketing ROI (return on investments) and keep an appropriate check on sales productivity. A strong real estate lead management system and a thorough understanding of lead qualification is a must.