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Updated by Doug Buenz on Jul 22, 2018
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Common Real Estate Questions You Might Have: Answered!

Getting into real estate, whether buying, selling, or investing, can be confusing. Here are a few questions you might have - and their answers!


1. Should I talk to a bank before looking for homes for sale?

1. Should I talk to a bank before looking for homes for sale?

The answer is definitely! Talking to a bank early on will let you know how much you can actually afford. This way, you can immediately rule out homes that cost $300,000 and above if your budget does not allow it.


2. What is the difference between a pre-approval and pre-qualification?

Not many people have hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around, thus the need to take a loan when buying. A pre-qualification can be thought of as the first step in the mortgage process, while a pre-approval is the second step.

Most experts would say that a pre-approval is what really matters, and that a pre-qualification doesn’t really matter much. The pre-approval actually tells what you will be able to loan, giving you an edge over other buyers in a contested home for sale.


3. What renovations should I do before selling my home?

3. What renovations should I do before selling my home?

This is a great question, and it’s one I hear all the time.

If you have the budget, and if you’re really passionate about something, there’s nothing to stop you from going over the top and completely renovating the house. However, most people consider home repairs to increase the property’s value and potentially make a larger profit.

You can ask your Realtor for advice on which parts of the home need immediate attention. Your Realtor would know which repairs are absolutely necessary to get your Ruby Hill home sold and avoid it going stale on the market.

A ton of videos can be found on the internet that are fun to watch and demonstrate how a meager budget of $50, $100, $200, or $500 can make various upgrades in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, or exterior.


4. Do I really need a Realtor when buying or selling a home?

Selling a home by yourself or FSBO (For Sale By Owner) is usually done to save money. However, if you believe that time is gold and gold is money, you are actually losing money because unless you are a trained professional, there’s no way you can sell your home as fast as an experienced Realtor can.

Buying without a Realtor on your side is equally dangerous as well. Without a Realtor, you wouldn’t have anybody on your side to guide you through the intricacies of the buying process. You also risk falling prey to poor decisions, and are left to negotiate prices and other matters all on your own with no one watching your back.

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