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Updated by Bilawal Gul on Oct 16, 2020
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7 Coolest Leather Jackets Worn by Celebrities

Hey all fashion enthusiasts! be ready to embark onto the quick and exciting journey of style that I have come up after hours of browsing online, just to pick the top 7 coolest leather jackets which are most frequently worn by the utmost fashion leaders – celebrities. As of now, here you will find the top 7 celebrities who chose to show up in leather jackets when they decided to create the glamorous vibes on & off the screen. Let’s trigger the wave of style and check one by one.

Taylor Swift on Her London Trip

So, you don’t need to go long back to find some impressive styles, here we have the stunning beauty from Hollywood’s music industry, “Taylor Swift”, who spiced up her London trip by wearing the spectacular leather piece along with a red cap, which nicely covered her blond tresses. Still this celebrity style would remain incomplete without the extended mascara-lines that go beyond the edges of her perky eyes. Taylor Swift glamorized her street walk in all black on the streets of London so casually but that gave all of us another trend to follow.

John Boyega in Star-wars

Remember the galaxy battles from Star-Wars and the eye-catchy costumes of your favorite superheroes? Yep, we can’t ignore Finn - our favorite warrior. Because we are still captivated by his awe-inspiring manly posture which added more when he showed up wearing an iconic leather jacket while gripping a radiant sword. Finn’s jacket is time-perennial as it never goes out of each coming trends of heavily designed jackets.

Harrison Ford in Star-wars

Leather jackets seem like the ultimate style of superstars, one can’t expect a superstar without owning a jacket – so goes with Harrison Ford, we can never forget the graceful personality of our favorite star Han Solo from the Star-Wars. He played his role extremely well and also threw some praise-worthy style statements by wearing the legendary jacket that we can’t resist to own it. Harrison Ford jacket is still alive in our memories and the style he defined wearing a kind-of-defensive leather jacket long ago, still beats in the heart of his die heart fans. So, if you are looking for the trending celebrity outfit, this got to be included resolutely in the top ten list of all-time trendy celebs jackets.

Nick Jonas in Jumanji-2

How can we ignore one of the charming inductions in the Hollywood industry? His pleasing smile, his tempting eyes, and toned expressions are enough to cast the alluring spell on girls out there. Yes, it is our favorite Nick Jonas who appeared as a jungle guide in Jumanji-2. But hey, did you notice the rigid brown jacket that he wore in the whole movie to flaunt his jungle-look? how can we all pass by without praising this outstanding style that came out as the perfect party outfit for all style-grabbers?


Scarlett Johansson on the set of Avengers

Scarlett Johansson on the set of Avengers

Though she didn’t wear this tan-styled leather jacket in the movie Avenger but has been seen wearing often on the set of Avenger. Since then it got the hype, and people started following her off-screen casual style which was pretty simple yet elegant, as the jacket itself seemed pretty functional and plain without any extra trappings. Scarlett Johannson jacket has still been in trend and you will find many online shopping sites already listed it in their trending sections as this has been one of the best-selling celebrity jackets since its first appearance on the set that went viral on the internet. She might never know that sensuous style she carried casually would become trending for such long.


Kay-Michael’s Iconic Quilted Black Jacket

Kay-Michael’s Iconic Quilted Black Jacket

It’s been decades since the 60’s beauty – Key Michael defined a pure biker style in her a glossy black leather jacket and it never run out of fashion, even this style has not only followed by commoners but also adopted by many supermodels and celebrities like Cheryl Cole, Khloe Kardashian, Olympia Valance, Kristen Stewart, Danielle Fogarty and the list is still growing. This biker style is still in trend and no one knows how long would it keep inspiring to each coming generation. It is so true that the modern biker style is incomplete without the iconic Kay Michael’s leather jacket.


Karen Fukuhara in Suicidal Squad

Karen Fukuhara in Suicidal Squad

Tatsu Yamashiro is one of the leading characters of popular Hollywood movie, Suicidal Squad. She is praised for her deep expressions and realistic acting skills in the movie. Her fighting skills with deadly expressions are one of the many reasons that kept us enthralling for this long. Well, the costume she appeared in was as expressive as the character itself. A pure leather jacket having the red-black combination with the Japanese symbol on the back of the jacket is still in trend. Katana jacket has been one of the good standing costumes for many party-lovers.


Ending Remarks

So, what do you think, do these jackets deserve to be in this list, or if you know some other fabulous jackets which you deem to include in this list then do share your picks down here, in the comment section and let other know about more similar and ever-green celebrities styles.