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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Sights to See in Chinatown, Thailand – Most Memorable Bangkok Adventures

Chinatown in Bangkok can be quite a shock to your senses, but the place is not to be missed if there is an adventurous streak in you. Some of your most memorable experiences in Bangkok will be made in Chinatown, loved for its splash of colour, bustling streets and gamut of culture.


Buy and Burn Money from the Bank of Hell

Visit Chinatown during the Chinese New Year and you will see devotees burning offerings in the form of money, clothes, cars, mobile phones, etc. These are not the real thing but kitsch replicas fashioned out of paper. These replicas can be bought from shops lining the streets leading to the Leng Noi Yee Temple, located off Charoen Krung Road. The replicas are burnt as a means of arming the dearly departed with cash, cars and lately, cell phones. The practice dates back hundreds of years and has been followed by the Chinese and Thai's during the Lunar New Year celebrations, and there's nothing to stop you from buying some kitsch and sending along some cash and gifts to your dearly departed.


Spend Some Time with the Crocs of Wat Chakrawat

If you think you've seen it all, think again. Head on over to the back of the Wat Chakrawat and you will find a murky pond right behind the round stupa, and hiding in that muddy water are three giant crocodiles, keeping a look out for, maybe their next meal. According to legend, the crocs had been feeding on young monks until they were trapped and kept in the pond behind the stupa. Wat Chakrawat is just 30 minutes from Adelphi Forty-Nine, making the place easy to visit from the comforts of such serviced apartments Bangkok has to offer.


Enjoy a 60 Baht Movie

If you are up for a quirky adventure, go in search of the Chinatown Rama, probably one of the last privately owned movie theatres in Bangkok. The place is not easy to find as it is hidden behind a restaurant and storage unit on Yaowarat Road. To buy the rather cheap ticket, you may have to tap on the glass booth and wake up the sleeping staff, the place however still sporting a vintage façade is quite a thrill to explore. Mind you refrain from speaking to strangers there.


Check Out the 'Thieves Market'

Sounds rather controversial, does it not? This is why the market is now officially called Nakon Kasem. The thieves market, however, no longer sells stolen goods, but is a place to buy second-hand goods, Buddhist amulets, curious vintage objects, old cameras and yes, even worn shoes! Located between Yaowarat Road and Charoen Krung Road, this place if not for its shopping allures, is ideal for the curious photographer to snap up some unique shots.


Boost Your Yang with Chinese Herbs

Chinese medicine options were favoured supplements long before vitamins became popular. Ginseng was prescribed to restore vitality while seahorse was used to empower yang. There are a number of Chinese pharmacies located along Yaowarat Road, where the right type of herb, just may help with an ailment that western medicine could not cure.