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Study English in Melbourne

All about studying the English language in Melbourne, Australia.

Formative Years and the English Accent | Explore English

The accent of a person stems from the people they grew up with. These include their immediate family members, extended family and their early peers.

Developing Your English through Personal Everyday Interactions

English is a universal language as it is widely spoken, written and broadcast by people, media and organisations across the globe. Millions of people speak English as their first language, while others communicate with English as a second or third spoken language. For people whose primary language is non-English, being proficient with the English language requires time and effort.

Should Schools and Universities Ban Smartphones in the Campus?

Should students be allowed to bring their smartphones to their schools and universities? That debate of has been running for years and now even the government has stepped in.

Australian Budget 2018: How it affects Education

For the latest budget announced by the Federal Government, there are a number of news that lie on both the spectrums of advantageous and disadvantageous for education.

New In the City: Communication Tips to Enhance Your Social Life

For newcomers in Melbourne, adapting is a challenge because the city is a cultural melting pot in terms of diversity. For non-native English speakers such as international students and newly arrived professionals, the city is a friendly community that offers a lot of opportunities for new residents to acclimate and feel welcome.

The Benefits of Joining English Study Groups

What exactly are the benefits of English study groups to your English improvements? Here's a list for you:

Japan to Deploy Robots to Help Boost English Proficiency in Schools

In addressing the shortage of English teachers in Japanese schools, the ministry of education plans to rollout robotic aid to help students learn English.

The Quirks of Speaking the Queen's Language | Explore English

Today, we look at the brief history of the British - English language and its nuances or quirks within the vocabulary.

Are Aussie English Slangs in Danger of Disappearing?

Despite English being spoken in various places around the globe, there are striking differences with regards to their pronunciation. When you speak to other people from different nationalities, you get to hear different terminologies — often referred to as a slang or slangs.

How YouTube Can Help You Improve Your English Speaking Skills

For English students, did you know that you can watch or surf Youtube and be able to improve your English speaking skills at the same time?

Uncanny English Grammatical Rules by Explore English

English grammar is full of surprises. Despite learning the language in school, non-native and even native speakers still tend to get surprised and confused with the rules. As speakers, sometimes we unconsciously apply correct grammar rules as we speak. A common example is using the specific rule of adjectives.

The Best Apps to Learn English with Today

Different kinds of meat for different kinds of dishes with almost endless variations when it comes to preparation and cooking. Let's take a look at the basics that will have you cook meat like a pro.

English Learning in STEM Falling Behind Expectations

English learners are in a pinch right now as they are falling behind expectations under the STEM Education. There is a new report released by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine prove this claim.

How Social Media Affects Learning in English Classes

When it comes to learning the English language, students can find lessons (whether text, audio, or video) and even tips on different English language topics. Experts have even weighed in on the power of social media.

How TESOL Enriches Multi-Cultural Experience

TESOL allows you to teach English to speakers of other languages as a teacher. It will also enrich your life in terms of experiencing multi-culture in celebration of diversity.

Five Most Common Native Languages of English Learners

Have you ever wondered what are the most common native languages of would-be English learners? Let's explore the subject today.