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Vodka, Malt Whiskey & Rum Manufacturers in india - Piccadily Group

Piccadily Group is an Indian Conglomerate with vast interests in, Alcohol Industry, and many more. Piccadily group India is a prominent Alcohol manufacturing company in the country


Average Alcohol Content Maintained by the Vodka Manufacturers in India?

In India, except the four states of Gujarat, Manipur, Mizoram, and Nagaland, other countries are such that the share of the alcohol revenue is of vital importance. It is seen that the about twenty percent of the state’s income comes from the liquor sales. The Indian alcohol consumers consume about more than five parts of the entire alcohol production of the world. However, the statistics show that the insurgency of the imported liquor products is more than the exports.

Whiskey Tastes Better with Water

Whiskey is often considered as a drink for the real men but getting that right taste is often a daunting task. There are a lot of brands, terms, and varieties of the drink that is enough to make the beginner confused about the taste. There are various researches done to determine the best taste of whiskey and there are scientific evidences that show whiskey tastes better when mixed with water. The next time when you decide to have that peg of whiskey don’t forget to add a splash of water to optimize the flavor of the spirits. When water is added then you get a blend of a smooth, and a smoky flavored drink. This is the proof of the fact that water improves the taste of the drink. We will further look into the detailed reason behind the fact.

Your guide to choosing the perfect Vodka

You could be raving about your favourite Vodka based drink but are sure of its quality as well? The quality ingredients and liquor that is used to make a drink can ultimately determine its taste and standards of quality. While you could, from your side, chose to add the best quality Vodka but it still might not taste good. So, how can you tell a premium quality string Vodka from the one that claims to be of good but in reality is low grade version of its namesake? You might say tasting. But ask yourself if downing a shot or two can really help you distinguish one from the other. No right! Follow the steps given below that will not only help you pick the perfect Vodka for Moscow Mule but also make you a bit of a party favourite with all that knowledge on booze.

What does the best blended malt whiskey seller want you to know?

Blended malt whiskey also referred to as the vatted malt whiskey or pure malt whiskey is one of its kind. To prepare a malt whiskey variant, the respective manufacturer blends single malt whiskeys brought in from different distilleries. This perfect blend of single malt whiskeys imparts it a uniquely luxurious flavor and texture.

The researchers across the globe are still debating whether drinking alcohol is good or bad for the consumers. Decades have gone in this debate. Still, one stratum of researchers believe that regular alcohol consumption is good while the other half thinks that it is terrible. However, when an alcohol such as whiskey single malt is consumed, researches prove that it is beneficial for consumers.

By reading ancient scriptures, it got clear that Vodka is primarily meant for fun and its indulgence is much beyond mules and martinis. You may be shocked to know that this divine drink was first made as a source of medicine and it has some of the most amazing health benefits. So, next time you order it somewhere, make sure to take into account these amazing health benefits of Vodka.

Whisky Single Malt: it’s primarily an epitome of style, genre, and erudition. Fine-suited gentlemen prefer ordering it in the club, and professors sip it along with a cigar and a finely-lit fire. It’s the most sought-afer gifting option, and no bar cart is considered complete without a bottle or two. It almost looks like those who don’t drink single malt Scotch are crude in some way, their palates not yet agreed to the shades of this high-end beverage

All You Need to Know About Blended Malt Whiskey by

Before knowing about blended malt whiskey, it is important to understand what a blend is. Generally, a blend is used to call a combination of two or more types of whiskeys that are bottled as one. More formally, a mixture of grain whiskeys and barrel aged-whiskey sold in a single bottle is called a blended whiskey. However, when products are labeled single malt, people often think that they come from a single batch. However, that is not correct. In fact, single malt whiskey is also a mixture.

A Guide to Blended and Splendid Whiskeys in India

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much of Whiskey is barely enough” said Mark Twain once. Indians strongly believe in his quote is what Alcohol market prove. Statistics say, Almost 45-50% of Whiskey produced in world is consumed in India be it a blended or single malt. Introduced by British in 19th century and holding a cap of highest consumer, India started producing its own whiskey very recently.

Piccadily Group India - Piccadily Agro Industries Ltd

Piccadily Group is an Indian Conglomerate with vast interests in, Alcohol Industry, and many more. Piccadily group India is a prominent Alcohol manufacturing company in the country With headquarters in Delhi NCR, the group is worth $1.5 Billion today and is rapidly growing. The PiccadilyGroup was incorporated in 1960’s with a foray into entertainment i.e. Movie Theaters and Movie Distribution followed by Restaurants and Alcohol Distribution.

Piccadily produces India’s first blended malt whisky that is blended to perfection for smooth Indian palette and give the exquisite taste of pure whisky.

Vodka Manufacturers in India | Best Vodka Manufacturers

Personifying the essence of passion, luxury and vodka of uncommon brilliance_ Spirit Vodka manufacturers in India created a real taste to Perfection with traditional and authentic Russian methods.