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AODD's Online Traffic School

AODD has one simple goal and philosophy — to produce the safest, smartest, most responsible, mature and considerate drivers that we possibly can. We emphasize defensive driving, driver safety, and responsibility, in addition to law and regulations awareness, and we know that every effort we make contributes to a better driving experience for everyone on the road.

The Benefits of Learning How to Drive

There are many options that you can use, such as ride sharing apps or a good old fashioned taxi. Getting around has never been easier. However, there are still many benefits from learning how to drive, such as:

What Is an Online Driving School?

Are you planning on doing traffic safety training in San Juan Capistrano CA? If you do, then you may be interested in enrolling in an online traffic school. These kinds of schools are great sources of information and are a very convenient way of improving your driving skills. So how do you learn from one of these driving schools and how does it work?
Basically, these kinds of schools provide the same curriculum that you would find at a traffic school but with one big difference, you can do it anywhere. Thanks to online schools, it removes the need for going to class. This can be a huge convenience for many people who have many other responsibilities throughout the day such as work and cannot afford to go to a traffic school

The Benefits of Using an Online Traffic School

Enrolling at an online traffic school can be a great way to get exceptional traffic safety training in San Juan Capistrano CA. There are many different benefits that you can enjoy using these kinds of schools. Here are a few of the advantages you can enjoy by using an online traffic school:

3 Signs That You Are a Good Driver

Driving can almost be considered a required skill in today’s society. We drive every single day. We drive to work, we drive for our errands, and we drive for fun. However, just because you drive on a daily basis, it does not necessarily mean you are a skilled driver. How can you tell if you have skills behind the wheel? Here are a few signs that you are a good driver:

Common Mistakes That Drivers Make Everyday

Driving is a skill that we use every single day and even the best drivers make mistakes sometimes. These mistakes can range from accidentally speeding to cutting someone off without realizing it. This is part of driving but some mistakes can be dangerous.

Managing Your Emotions When Driving

There are many factors in life that can contribute to stress, leading you to feel anxious and emotional. That is normal. Our Safe Driving School in CA points out that there are situations wherein you need to check and take control of your emotions for your safety and the security of others. Otherwise, you may encounter terrible incidents that you will regret in your lifetime.

4 Common Traffic Violations You Need to Know - AODD's Online Traffic School – Defensive Driving Courses

Be mindful of other vehicles on the road and do your best to avoid accidents.

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol Is a Big NO

Any volume of alcohol in your bloodstream can influence your driving ability. Our Traffic Safety Training in San Juan Capistrano CA believes that safe driving requires the capability to concentrate, make rational judgments, and react quickly to situations. However, if you are under the influence of alcohol, you are putting yourself and other drivers in peril because the contents in your drink can alter your senses and way of thinking.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Driving a Manual

Learning how to drive a car with a manual transmission will not only make it easier for you to drive an automatic vehicle but can also provide you with a very rewarding driving experience. Manual vehicles demand much more engagement from the driver which can make you feel more in tune with your vehicle, thus, helping improve your skills as a driver. However, there are a number of common mistakes that many new manual drivers make. Here are a few of them and what you can do to avoid these mistakes:

Driving a Manual for the First Time

Compared to automatic transmission, it can be quite intimidating to get behind the wheel of a manual car for the first time. However, driving a manual car is not as hard as it seems. Here are a few tips that can help you learn the basics of driving a manual:

Should You Choose a Manual or Automatic as a First Car?

Shopping around for your very first car can be very exciting. However, should you look for an automatic, which would be easier to drive as a new driver or would it be better to get a manual instead? This is a question that many young people ask when they are looking for their first vehicle. So here are a few reminders to take note of:

The Aggressive Driver Versus the Defensive Driver

There are two types of drivers controlling their vehicles on the road, namely the aggressive and the defensive drivers. What are the characteristics of these drivers? Which one is the preferred type of driver? Can you be both be an aggressive and defensive driver?

4 Tips When Driving in Traffic

Driving in traffic can be a scary experience for many new drivers. You will be surrounded by other vehicles on the highway, and without much experience, it can become very stressful. However, driving in traffic is not that bad, and with these tips, they can help you relax behind the wheel for a much better driving experience.

Dangerous Driving Habits You Should Avoid

Bad driving habits? We’re all familiar with these. In fact, we can even name a solid list of them. But sometimes, it’s easy to forget when you have other things in your mind to worry about. But by having a regular reminder, your mind remains alert on practicing safety on the road.

Online Traffic School | Classroom FAQ's | California

Get the answers to your most commonly asked questions about our traffic school by reading our Classroom FAQs page.

4 Ways to Stop Road Rage Before It Starts

Have you had those times when your vision just picks up a tinge of red after some other driver decides to cut you off or slow down when you’re about to make a turn? Frustrating, isn’t it? And these are just some of the instances that can trigger you to submit to road rage.

IPDE and the Practice of Defensive Driving

Driving may just be an ordinary part of a lot of people’s daily lives, but what others may fail to recognize is what a potentially hazardous and dangerous activity it can be—one that can cause major injuries, or even take away life. When you are on the road, there are so many possible threats to your safety and the condition of your vehicle, such as other drivers cruising along the traffic, pedestrians, and objects on the road, among other things.

5 Important Things to Remember When Driving for the First Time

Your first time handling a vehicle can both be a very exciting and nerve-racking experience. Although you have studied the rules, techniques, and methods of properly using a vehicle to transport yourself from one place to another, staying behind the wheel for the first time is a completely different thing.

Finding the Best Traffic School for You

When you are interested in improving your driving skills or if you would like to learn how to drive, there are a number of options available to you. You can have a friend or family member teach you, you can use an online traffic school, or you can go to a safe driving school in CA. All of these options are great but when it comes down to being the best driver that you can be, it is typically a good idea to find a driving school.

Basic Driving Tips Everyone Should Know

When it comes down to driving safely, there are a number of things that you will want to keep in mind. These are just basic things but they are things that are often overlooked when driving, which often leads to accidents out on the roadways. So before you go out driving for the first time or even if you have been driving for many years

Driving Tips for New and Experienced Drivers

Like most skills, you can never know too much. Driving is an important skill that allows us to not only get where we need to be but to also travel the country and even the world. For this reason, it is always a good idea to find ways to improve your driving skills. This will make you a more competent and safer driver.

Finding a Good Traffic Training School

There are a lot of things that you will want to keep in mind when it comes down to learning how to drive. One of these things is finding a safe driving school in CA. These kinds of schools can teach you a wide range of things from learning how to drive to improve your skills. However, the education you will receive will depend on the kind of school you attend. So here are few things to keep in mind when you are looking for exceptional traffic safety training in San Juan Capistrano CA:

4 Tips for Driving Again After an Accident

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident, getting behind the wheel again may be the furthest thing from your mind. Whether you caused the accident or were the victim of a crash, it is perfectly normal to experience some anxiety about driving again. For those who experience driving anxiety, just sitting in the driver’s seat can cause numerous unpleasant symptoms, such as sweating, elevated heartbeat, or even a full-blown panic attack. Driving anxiety can be very disruptive to your day-to-day life, particularly if you have to drive every day to work or if you need to drive your family around.

5 Traits of a Good Driver

Bad drivers are fairly easy to spot – they talk on the phone while driving, they text and drive, they skip lane driving, and they don’t always follow traffic rules. But how do you identify good drivers? What are their traits?

3 Key Tips for Driving Alone for the First Time

Congratulations! You’ve passed the driving and traffic safety training in San Juan Capistrano, CA. You’ve got your license, insured your car, and are ready to go on an adventure.