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5 Best Excursions Around Negombo – Exploring a Captivating Town

If you visit the charming town of Negombo you will find a number of attractions that will capture your interest. Visitors will have the opportunity to embark on a host of interesting excursions in the environs of this town.


Exploring Negombo Lagoon

If you enjoy nature and the outdoors make it a point to explore the tranquil Negombo lagoon. This serene lagoon which occupies an extent of 3164 hectares will capture the interest of the nature lover with its numerous attractions. This lagoon is considered to be a part of the regional coastal wetlands as well as the expansive Muthurajawela marsh. You will see that the neck of the lagoon where it opens out to the ocean is rather narrow; elsewhere the water level of this body of water is fairly shallow. You may have the opportunity to observe some interesting flora and fauna in the environs of the lagoon.


Visiting the Fish Market

Negombo was initially a fishing village and even today the fishermen of the area head out into the open waters every day in search of the bounty of the seas. If you take the opportunity to visit the local fish market you will have the chance to obtain an authentic glimpse into the culture and way of life of the people of the region. The sight of the fishing fleet heading home with their catch is a fine spectacle that will remain in the memory of the visitor. Although the fish market may be a rather questionable sight for the squeamish it is nonetheless an interesting experience for the visitor from abroad.


Relaxing at Negombo Beach

After a tiring day of sightseeing and shopping in Sri Lanka, the pleasant Negombo beach will be a great place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate your energies. Although the beach at Negombo would not perhaps be comparable with the beauty of some other more glamorous beaches in Sri Lanka, it is nonetheless an appealing place to spend some quality leisure time. Negombo beach is always an attractive place for a relaxed stroll during the sunset hours. You will also have the opportunity to intermingle with the local leisure seekers at the vibrant and enjoyable Negombo Beach Park.


Experiencing the Dutch Fort

Your tour of the sightseeing attractions of Negombo would not be complete without visiting the Dutch Fort. The ruins of this fort which was constructed by Dutch colonialists are located in proximity to the seafront. One of the highlights at this site is the remarkable gateway that is emblazoned with the inscription '1678'. The fort is sure to capture the imagination of the history and culture enthusiast. Visitors will also find a popular green here known as the Esplanade where cricket matches are regularly played. If you would be interested in hotels near Colombo Airport an accommodation choice to consider from which the Dutch Fort would be within easy reach would be The Tamarind Tree Hotel.


Touring St. Mary's Church

Negombo may be considered to be a stronghold of the Christian faith, with most of the town's residents following this religion. In fact, Negombo boasts so many churches that it is sometimes referred to by the name 'Little Rome'. One of the town's foremost religious attractions is St. Mary's Church which will undoubtedly strike the imagination of the sightseer. This splendid church is grand and lavish, standing apart from the surrounding buildings. A highlight at this entrancing place of worship is the vast paintings that can be seen on its ceilings. As you approach the church you will notice that this structure features three principal levels.