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Top 5 Things to Do in Oman with Kids – Highlights for the Entire Family

If you are travelling to the charming nation of Oman with kids you will find a number of things to do that will appeal to the entire family. These family-friendly attractions will undoubtedly be a hit with the little ones.


Experience a wadi

In many parts of Oman, you will find the intriguing wadis, which are deep naturally formed valleys, of which some feature pools of water that visitors will have the opportunity to swim in. Exploring a wadi will be an enthralling experience that will capture the imagination of all members of the family. If you would like to swim in a pool at a wadi there are a number of such pools available; your choice will depend on the distance you desire to walk as well as whether you wish to take a dip in a popular pool or a more far-flung one.


Stay with a Bedouin tribe in the desert

Spending some time at a Bedouin camp is sure to be an experience that will appeal to children. If you choose to undertake this experience you will have the opportunity to gain a genuine understanding of the mode of life of these nomads who live much as their ancestors have done for centuries. At a Bedouin camp, your children will have the chance to clamber up inviting sand dunes, watch the entrancing desert sunset, ride camels in the sands and sleep in a traditional campsite where there is no electricity. Your family will be able to taste camel milk, enjoy dates with the Bedouins and observe the starlit sky at night in the desert.


Explore a fort

The nation of Oman contains a multitude of forts, with many of them presently being restored so that they can regain their former glory. These forts are great places for children to explore; whilst at the same time, they will gain a cultural experience and an insight into the way of life of those who lived at the forts. The Bahla Fort and the Jabreen Fort are both excellent attractions that will appeal to all members of the family. The kids are sure to be captivated by the numerous intriguing features of the forts, such as the small openings through which the defenders would have poured boiling liquid.


Observe turtles at the beach

The kids will undoubtedly be enthralled by the opportunity to view endangered sea turtles at the Ras al Jinz Turtle Reserve. This centre has been established with the objective of safeguarding and looking after the threatened turtles which arrive at the local beaches in order to lay eggs. If you visit this reserve you will have the chance to observe the green turtles in the darkness of night as they lay eggs in the sands. A choice of accommodation to consider from which this reserve would be within easy reach would be Oman Hotels which has a property in the nearby city of Sur. This property may be regarded as one of the pleasingly located Oman hotels where you can engage in such activities.


Visit the souqs

The souqs or traditional marketplaces in Oman are sure to capture the interest of all family members. Children will enjoy the experience of exploring the expansive souqs with their interesting merchandise. Most children will be captivated by the fascinating local produce and handicrafts that you will find plentifully in the souqs. Muscat's Muttrah Souq will be a great place to explore with your family, as are the souqs at Sohar and Nizwa. Children will have the opportunity to join in as you haggle with the vendors and look for interesting souvenirs that they can take home.