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Different Type of Wildlife in Praslin, Seychelles – Amazing Wildlife Sanctuary

Seychelles was uninhabited until the 18th century; hence, the archipelago was a haven for varied forms of wildlife, which thrive to this day. Praslin Island is home to the Vallee de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting virgin forests and unique wildlife.


Mammals of Seychelles

Before the arrival of humans to the islands, Fruit Bats were the only type of mammal on Praslin and other islands. Noted for their unique dog like heads the bats are better known as 'Flying Foxes', and favour the sweet succulent mangos which grow in abundance on the islands. With the arrival of man, other mammals made an appearance on the islands including the tenrec, with bristly fur resembling a hedgehog, nocturnal by nature; one will spot these within the forested areas of Praslin. They can get aggressive if suddenly startled.


Birds of Seychelles

There are over 220 species of birdlife making an appearance on Praslin and other islands of Seychelles. Amongst the 220 species 17 are considered endemic land birds, which are also considered zoological rarities. Seabirds and wading birds make up the numbers with land birds being few in number. Guests at Berjaya Praslin Resort will find the Vallee de Mai is just 12 minutes away, and should not miss a chance to explore this great wonder of nature and see its exotic inhabitants. Easy to reach from Praslin hotels, the park is open from 8 am to 5.30 pm daily and will not disappoint the nature lover.


Reptiles and Amphibians of Seychelles

There is a total of 13 amphibian species in Seychelles. Amongst these, the endemic Seychelles Tree Frog is most cherished. The species can be found in damp forests and grows to around 3 inches in length. There are 13 reptile species, amongst which many were introduced to the islands by man. Amongst these the giant tortoises are the most fascinating; thriving on the Aldabra Atoll designated a conservation centre, these giant fossils have increased in number, instead of being wiped out due to the tortoise being hunted for its meat. Others include the Terrapin, equally rare due to its meat being cooked in curries, a practice now banned, and the different types of lizards amongst which geckos are rampant.


The Marine Wildlife of Seychelles

The bountiful waters surrounding Seychelles are a real treat to explore. Snorkelling and diving tours are always very rewarding, although simply wading into the shallow waters is enough to yield small fish species. Look out for sea turtles, the colourful angelfish, boxfish, clownfish, giant grouper, red lionfish, parrot fish, Oscar fish, red tip sharks, flute fish and many other fascinating and vibrant fish species. The corals and sea anemones are just as impressive making it hard to stay away from the verdant reefs surrounding Praslin and other islands. A dive to a mere depth of 20 metres off the shores of Praslin is enough to yield a multitude of marine life and colourful coral, hence, the experience is not to be missed when staying at a hotel in Praslin.