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Mobile App Development Company

Mobile apps are the enabling centerpiece of the digital world. It will transform your entire business and take it to the top. Consagous is a well-known mobile app development company which is providing a wide range of superlative mobile app development solutions all around the world at an affordable price.

Mobile App Development Company

Mobile apps are the enabling centerpiece of the digital world. It will transform your entire business and take it to the top. Consagous is a well-known mobile app development company which is providing a wide range of superlative mobile app development solutions all around the world at an affordable price.

Hybrid Mobile App Developers

If you are looking to build hybrid mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms with high quality, robust design, high-performance features. Then Consagous is here to serve you! Get your secure and scalable hybrid app to boost your business.

Blockchain App Development Services

When it comes to be the best blockchain app developers in the USA, without hesitation, you should go ahead with Consagous. The company is working on emerging technologies, with a team of experts in the blockchain solutions and having delivered numerous successful solutions in the fields of Blockchain.

Responsive Web Development Company

Consagous offer responsive web design and development services to improve user experience & engage customers. Our UI/UX designers and developers capable of customizing your website to meet your needs.

Advantages of Custom Android App Development

Nowadays, custom android app development is a necessity to establish and promote brands. With the growing number of mobile users day by day, a mobile app development platform is a great choice for any business. This is the reason why custom app development is demanding in 2018.

Mobile App Development Company in USA, UK

Consagous is a mobile app development company that provides app development solutions in Texas. We focus on Mobile App Development, Web Design and Development. We begin every project by gathering requirements from our clients, examining the competition, building a high-level strategy, wire-framing, prototyping, and developing your mobile application.

Leading Mobile App Development Company – Consagous Technologies

Consagous Technologies, the fastest growing Web, Mobile App and Blockchain Development Company, specializes in building business intelligence platforms that migrate, mine, append, report and visualize your organization's data. We are a full-service development firm specializing in web, data and mobile apps.

Fintech Mobile App Development - Challenges faced by Developers

The mobile payments app has been proclaiming as the next big thing in the Fintech industry. Many years ago, industry watchers predicted that the pervasive nature of Fintech mobile app development will nod the end of the traditional wallet with the mobile app.

After the hard work of years-on-years, it has happened. Now there is no need to pay for things using traditional credit cards and cash as mobile payments app are available for cut down the weight of wallets. Mobile app developers know that people regularly carry their smartphones wherever they go outside, so they integrate wallet in their smartphones to make lives simpler. And now, according to Statistica “Worldwide global mobile payment revenue is expected to reach $930 billion in 2018”.

The wave of mobile app development for banking sector got ramble for delivering features that allow time-crunched users to handle their banking task simply in one tab. To drive good numbers, fintech companies are partnering with skilled mobile app development companies to deliver apps that offer real-time Fintech solutions aligned with users’ lifestyles.

Need For Mobile Payments App

Now let’s discuss the challenges faced by developers while building a Mobile Payments App

Challenges Faced By Developers During Mobile App Development Process

The road of the mobile app development service provider is not that idyllic as it seems, it has to face some challenges while building a unique financial mobile app. Therefore, mobile app developers should need to keeps an attentive eye on below-mentioned challenges and issues so as to provide zenith benefits to the end users.

Here is a breakdown of the challenges you might face while building a mobile payment app:

Data Security Concerns

Data security and data privacy are the major concerns for Fintech mobile application as there is zero tolerance for a data breach. In fact, because of security nearly half of all consumers cite are not embracing mobile banking.

Regulatory Issues

As compared to other industries, Fintech industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. Therefore, mobile app development companies should ensure every facet of the customer experience heed to the applicable regulatory environment.

IT Platform Issues

This is one of the big and common challenges that arise repeatedly while developing a mobile app for multiple platforms. For designing an app that can stand in the competitive market, you have to keenly view the legacy IT issues and new updates for your app.

Customer Experience Issues

Creating a Fintech mobile app development is more than just creating an app that works as it aligns with users daily financial activities so there are lots of responsibilities on developers shoulder to make it successful.

One thing that plays an important role in the success of any mobile app is customer experience therefore, it should be an important consideration for the long-term viability of your product.

Summing Up

There are various other important challenges on the way to building FinTech apps but a trusted FinTech app development company can help you to deal with these challenges. Want to build unique FinTech mobile app contact us at +1 (512) 333-1321 or visit Consagous Technologies.


Best Mobile App Development Ideas to Maximize ROI

The Google Play and App Store are packed with 3.8 million apps and 2 million App Store respectively. To compete with these existing apps have a look at best mobile app development Ideas to maximize ROI. For more info:

Top Benefits of On Demand Taxi Booking Application

We are living in the world where anything that we want is available at the touch of a button, whether it’s a food or your favorite apparel or even a taxi. All this has become possible just because of the smart mobile app solutions that enabled us to buy/ sell or order anything at any time and from anywhere in the world. In today’s era, industries are living their best time by combining a surfeit of mobile application development in their architecture to simplify the work process and gaining huge exposure in the international market.

Before the era of app based taxi booking apps development came in, we had only limited options: call a driver to pick you up or call a taxi booking agency as they were prominent in that era. But now with the help of these mobile app solutions riders are feeling impeccable relief as they can book multiple vehicles at anytime from anywhere. Across the world, taxi mobile applications are being the preferred choice for customers as they offer fixed tariffs decided by their local governments but still, most of the people are not aware of the euphoria of on-demand taxi booking mobile apps.

Let’s thrash out some of them

Benefits of On-Demand Taxi App

Previously there was a quite headache for taxi businesses as they have so many things to manage but with the help of this amazing taxi applications, management has become seamless and efficient therefore it becomes a part of many industries from healthcare to retail and restaurant to logistics.

According to the “Ryan Lawler’s story, Uber is buying 2,500 driverless cars from Google. This investment of Google is motivated by the value of learning from Uber’s experience and being at the Board table to make sure that Uber remains focused on pursuing driverless taxis”.

Let’s take a quick peek into it:

1.Leverage automation and bring down costs

Because of the rising of on-demand mobile app development, both riders and drivers are able to connect with each other in real-time that also increases the security them. This kind of mobile apps solutions does not only offer better user experience but also reduces estimated time of arrival (ETAs) and improves driver performance along with bringing down the overhead costs generated by handling everything on its own.

2.Maximize ROI

Previously taxi operators and drivers who worked with the big logistic company have complained several times about huge the commissions because of this cab operators do not prefer aggregator platforms. Therefore, develop your own taxi mobile app to save the commissions that are being paid to the cab aggregators and increase the ROI.

3.Increase driver efficiency

Every driver drives in a different way, so it’s important to record and manage their productivity and efficiency. Traditional taxi companies do not provide a feedback option or ask customers about their experience with the particular driver. If a passenger had a bad experience during the ride there would be no way to get to know whether it is passenger’s fault or drivers.

But, now with the help of on-demand taxi mobile app development, right from the time of booking, customer track and check everything about the drivers.

4.Real-Time Connectivity

On-demand taxi app offers real-time connectivity through maps between drivers and passengers so that both can understand each other’s exact location. This is an effective feature that was missed out in traditional taxi booking mobile app development.

5.Customer Satisfaction

Through a taxi booking app, customer booking experience has become much more intuitive and faster than having to call your office and go through the painful booking flow. The popularity and adoption of ride-sharing mobile apps across the world is a gawker of the superior user experience offered by a mobile app over the older methods to get a taxi at one’s doorsteps.

Summing Up

The success of Uber has led the development of several taxi apps that provide on-demand taxi services. In this growing market, the sky in limit so uses it because this is a right time to jump in this market. Bur before it just does your research, identify your business objectives and expert team of taxi app developers to get the desired results.

Do you have an idea in your mind to develop a Taxi Booking Mobile App? Then Reach us and experience the worth of an innovative mobile app.


Global Mobile Application Development Company in USA, UK – Consagous Technologies

Consagous is a global mobile application development company in USA, UK, Australia and India. We build custom iOS, Android and Hybrid mobile apps and can design, develop, deploy custom websites for business of any size in any industry. Our services include Microsoft Application Development, Open Source Development, Software and Mobile Application Development solutions. Our experienced team of app developers and business analysts can match the needs of even the most unique project. Let’s connect with us at or visit to discuss your idea. For more info:

Established Mobile Application and Software Development Company – Consagous Technologies

Consagous is an established mobile application and software development company which located in USA, UK, Australia and India. We are software and mobile app developers with extensive experience in developing and producing industrial-strength, well-designed Android, iOS and Web applications. We provide strategic consulting, design, custom mobile app development, software development and pre-built industry solutions. Our expertise is in building solutions for emerging technologies like Blockchain, IoT, Mobile Apps for iOS and Android platforms, Web Apps and many more. Let’s connect with us at or visit to get a perfect solution for your idea. For more info:

Android Instant Apps: New Revolution In The App Industry

Android Instant Apps – are the next step in mobile apps evolutions, it is universally accepted Android Solutions that allows applications to be run instantly without installation.

At Google I/O 2016, we got our first look at an Android new feature called Android Instant App. It allows users to access a cloud-based version of the app on Android, similar to streaming music and videos, Instant Apps allows users to use applications on the fly, without having to download and install them. This new feature not only saves users time but also allow mobile app development companies to let people demo what’s essentially a full version of their mobile app solutions before installing it.

How Do Android Instant Apps Work?

Google’s purpose behind announcing the instant app is that they want to reduce the time to reach the target page of an app. They want people to access the app in just a few clicks and get their aim fulfill.

Like PWA (Progressive Web Apps), Android Instant Apps can be designed to work online, but some features would be accessible only when connected to a network.

**Read More for PWA – Gear Up Your Business To The Next Level With Progressive Web App

In short, Instant Apps work by modifying the native apps. Basically, a native app is divided into small parts, where each part comprises multiple category sections of the full native app. Once you close the window, it disappears.

Features that attract

Here is the list of new features of Android Instant App:

• Access apps from anyplace without installing in the device.
• Run android app as flawlessly as loading a webpage.
• Compatible with all the Android versions from Jelly Beans.
• In Android Instant App, there’s a dedicated VR platform that makes the still-niche tech more accessible for everyone
• Split-screen mode to run two apps simultaneously
• Doze-on-the-go for dynamic battery management
• Allow users to respond to messages directly from the panel without opening a mobile app.

What are the Benefits of Android Instant mobile App Development?

Make user acquisition easier – An instant mobile app development improves the user acquisition by offering a simple solution where users can click on a Google search result with the instant app. Mobile app development Companies can increase user acquisition by offering the same features of their mobile apps. Instant apps make it easy for users to understand the features of the app before hitting the download button. Many publications will cover your app in the list of leaders in this mobile space. Thus, it will give you a hike in publicity.

*Get more creativity *– With the help of an Instant app, mobile app developers can introduce a ‘lite’ version of mobile applications which can offer a better user experience with a new level of competency that will bring out the creative side of developers.

Easy to share – It’s very irritating when it comes to sharing a product and no one would be able to view it by clicking the link. Sharing through a link is one of the biggest benefits of instant apps. Users can share any specific page of your app over different social media platforms thus gives you free hike of new audiences.

Make the better user experience – One of the best things about android instant apps that user loves are their greater functionality over mobile. The most app provides enhanced animations, design, and faster speeds compared to their mobile website counterparts. E-commerce businesses can avail the advantages of Instant mobile apps by making the shopping experience seamless and effortless.

Improve User Retention – When it comes to e-commerce stores, users have the choice of usable mobile sites and native apps from different brands. This has resulted in most brands losing their stickiness and losing their customer time.

The instant app helps in building faith between user and owner and convince them to download the native app. Its easy-to-use option is the most attractive features that make users stick with it.

_Summing Up _

The instant app has undoubtedly a number of benefits and by now, it has already become an important aspect of significant growth prospects, with the highest potential in e-commerce, entertainment, and cooking apps as well as game demo versions. Moreover, With the Instant Apps not only the users but mobile developers also get benefitted. In this digital revolution era, if you’re an Android developer, you should consider using Google Play Instant to aid your ASO efforts.

So, have you got an idea for the next great app? Let us know about it and we will be happy to help you. Contact us at +1 (512) 333-1321 or visit Consagous Technologies.


Global Mobile Application Development Company in USA, UK – Consagous Technologies

Consagous is a global mobile app development company in USA, UK, Australia and India. We provide different app development solutions and mobile app development services for iPhone, Android, Windows platform. It's been 10 successful years of satisfying hundreds of customers. We deliver quality designs, development solutions and services for business of any size in any industry. Visit our portfolio to see some of our client's reviews and work and connect with us at For more info visit

Leading Web and Mobile App Development Company in USA, UK– Consagous Technologies

Consagous Technologies is a leading web and mobile app development company in USA, UK, Australia and India. Over 10 years of experience in mobile app development and website development makes us best in the IT industry. Our main goal is that Quality of Work and On-time delivery for each project. Our experience app developers have advance knowledge of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento, CodeIgniter, PHP, HTML, CSS, AJAX, jQuery. Excited to work for long-term relationships with clients. Available 24 x 7 for support for clients. Let’s connect with us at or visit our portfolio to see our work. For more info visit to get a perfect solution for your idea.

Xamarin Benefits For Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Every developer wants to speed up his own speed to rape up mobile application development task within a given time frame, but due to blurry vision and lack of services they are unable to deliver want they want. To cope up with this problem developer’s community introduced Xamarin; cross-platform for developers so they can build full-fledged mobile applications within the time frame.

Till now, developers are become used to with it but still few of them are unaware about its benefits. So, let’s discuss what is Xamarin and how it helps mobile app developers?

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin works like a salt, confuse!! Don’t head your mind, will explain to you in a much simpler way. It’s a mobile app development platform which is used to build, test and monitor mobile apps. Currently most of the fortune five companies like IBM, Appcelerator and Kony are using Xamarin framework for mobile app development and only in past 12 months Xamarin developer’s community has grown 98% and sales have more than doubled. Xamarin’s differentiation stems from its ability to build native and hybrid apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows using a single C# code base.

How Xamarin helps mobile app developers

Xamarin cross-platform mobile app development solutions allow developers to use a single code for designing apps for multiple platforms. Previously it was very difficult and time taking for mobile app developers to write code for cross platforms like Android and iOS as both carry their own set of rules and code structure. But with the help of Xamarin, once developers have done with their code they can use it for Android as well as iOS mobile applications. Other than this, it allows mobile app developers to use existing resources while designing mobile application with the launch of Xamarin insights and Xamarin test cloud. To keep pace, Xamarin cross-platform solutions continue to innovate.

Xamarin updates for mobile app development

Since its launching date, many updates have been made in the Xamarin features such as:

Platform for wearables mobile application

Wearable devices like Apple watch is in trend therefore mobile app developers shifted their minds towards new technologies to build apps for wearables. Xamarin platform enables developers to design and develop Apple Watch apps from Microsoft MSFT -0.23%’s Visual Studio IDE. According to Lopez Research, over a third of the companies want to build apps for wearables. That’s the reason recently Android also launched its wearable devices.

Forms to help companies

Xamarin has launched its Xamarin. Forms that allow developers to share more than 90% of code across the platforms that directly saves mobile app development service provider’s time and efforts. It has also a native UI for the phone and tablet form factors for iOS, Android and Windows but uses shared code on the back end.

New Solutions for Visual Studio Online

As we know Microsoft acquired Xamarin that added new workflows in Visual Studio Online. Now developers can build Android apps through Visual Studio Online cloud build service by reducing the overhead of configuration and can maintain an on-site build server. It can also initiate mobile tests in Xamarin Test Cloud and automatically creates work items back in Visual Studio Online based on test results. It also automatically receives work items using Xamarin Insights to monitor apps production for crashes, exceptions, and events.

Benefits of Xamarin Mobile App Development

1. Code Reusability

As Xamarin allow developers to use single code across the different platforms therefore hybrid mobile app development is comparatively quicker then Native development.

2. Cost-effective solutions

It reduces the cost of hiring developers. Unlike, Native iOS apps, hybrid apps reduces the hiring cost of iOS and Android app developers because here we need only one team to build a mobile app that runs effectively on both OSs.

3. Improved Time-to-Market

With Xamarin cross-platform app development tools, businesses can deploy their product faster than ever. Now the app development process becomes faster and delivering products become more swiftly than before. As Xamarin uses a single code base, it works seamlessly on leading mobile platform.

4. Minimum Efforts

There is no need to write code for Android mobile app and iOS mobile app separately as Xamarin cross development solutions allow developers to use existing code and resources for developing a new mobile application which directly saves developers efforts and hard work.

5. Efficient Development

Xamarin features allow developers to show more creativity and efficiency at the same time by reducing the length of the code. It offers uniformity that makes mobile application design more efficient and appealing. With Xamarin, no need to create separate UI for different mobility platforms as it can reuse 90% of the code and create both Android and iOS apps simultaneously.

Xamarin Mobile App Development Solutions delivers the right conditions to build applications that can exist both inside and outside of the Windows ecosystem.

6. Wider User Reach

It helps mobile app development companies to increase their customer reach with the help of cross-platform mobile apps. Write code once and use it for both iOS and Android mobile apps and engage the target audience for the long-term.

Summing Up

The Xamarin mobile app development services have continuously increased its reach among mobile app developers as it sorely changed the mobile development process. Tools that are offered by Xamarin are very powerful as they provide platform compatibility and functionality that several hybrid app development tools can’t match. Other than this, there are various benefits and reason to adopt this technology so hire expert Xamarin developer with a top Xamarin mobile app development company to build full-fledged apps.

Let us know how we can help you. Contact us at +1 (512) 333-1321 or visit Consagous Technologies.


Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – Exciting New Approach to App Development

Today the main aim of businesses is to target customers on mobile devices as a number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to reach 2.7 billion by 2019. To improve user experience and user engagement, mobile app development companies started investing their time on the progressive web app (PWA).

In the digital era, most of the people are connected with the web through the internet and even cannot think the world without mobile apps. Therefore, businesses which want to stand ahead left with only one choice i.e. Progressive Web App (PWA) Platform. It’s the newest mobile app solution that combines the best elements of mobile sites and native apps while reducing their disadvantages. Let’s discuss in detail.

What is Progressive Web App Development?

Today Progressive Web Apps is a hot topic among mobile app developers because of its support for multiple platforms. Most of the trendsetters like Twitter, Starbucks, NASA, and more are working on PWA versions to engage their target audience.

PWA is a mobile app delivered through the web, it works like a native app, that allows app-style gestures and navigations. There is no need to download it from an app store because it run right in a web browser. One of the most important features of this app is that it loads instantly, even in areas of low connectivity.

Recently Progressive Web App development gained huge recognition when Apple announced Service Worker and Web Manifest support for Safari.

Why Businesses Need Progressive Web App?

The web is the biggest platform on the internet, yet users spend most of their time on native apps because it offers smooth experience and engagement. After keeping all these points in a mind, developers community launched Progressive Web App that’s the combination of Web and Native app, along with the immersive experience of native apps.

Mobile App Development Service Provider companies added features of native apps with Web to get the best of both.

What Makes Progressive Web App-Different!

When we talk about traditional mobile app development, there are certain limitations faced by mobile app developers. To deal with these limitations, developers started using PWA as it brings an app like features and functionalities to the website and does not require a customer to download an app. Other than this, there are various other factors which make Progressive Web Apps different from others i.e.

Reliability –

It provides interface even in poor internet connectivity. As a result, customers are become more connected and become more informed and empowered.

Fast –

It loads content instantly and offer smooth experience to end users.

Engaging –

Progressive Web App provides an immersive user experience by giving the perfect app feel to the user. With the help of an app shell model, PWA separates the application functionality from application content and balance equally.

Up to Date –

Progressive Web App always stays up-to-date with the help of service worker which handles the overall update process of PWA mobile app development.

Security & Discoverable –

Progressive Web App protect users from unauthorized access as it works with HTTPS. By transmogrify W3C manifest and Service worker, PWA’s addressed as a mobile application and effortlessly found by search engines.

Installable –

Allow a user to add apps to their home screen without facing any trouble in an app store.

Core Features Of Progressive Web App Development:

Service Worker –

It’s a script that runs in the background separately from a web page by the browser. It also opens the door to features that don’t need a web page or user interaction. Currently, Service Worker include features like push notifications and background sync and will support other things like periodic sync or geofencing.

The capability of service workers to run separately in the background offers a lot of functionality to the mobile app even when it closed and provide a native app-like engaging experience. It also acts as a proxy between the server and mobile app that helps in making the application offline.


HTTPS is an extension of the HTTP for secure communication, encrypted using Transport Layer Security or Secure Sockets Layer. Though Progressive Web App Development is expected to be highly secure, but service workers can intercept network requests and modify responses. There are many services which help you get your site an SSL certificate like Let’s Encrypt and SSL for free.

Web App Manifest –

It uses JSON file that gives information about how the app-schema looks in the home screen, on the web, and so on. It can be also used to modify a theme color, icons for the home screen, and a splash screen.

JSON file gives an app the essence of native mobile application with all the icons, themes, and splash screens.

Push Notifications –

The server sends push notification to the service workers, which display it to the user. A user can receive notification even if an app is closed as service workers run independently as a background process. To implement this functionality mobile app developers can use Push API.

Background Sync –

Background Sync API send periodic updates to the server so that the mobile app can update when it’s online and makes sure all the messages are sent when there’s a good connection.

Summing Up

In the past few years, trend watchers have seen high bounce rates in the use of a website, because the web experience is not as smooth and optimal as the native app. The solution for both of these problems is Progressive Web Apps, which combine the best of the two worlds by giving the optimal user experience.

If you are looking for PWA Mobile App Development Services, we can help you with 360 degrees IT solutions as we have a team of experts which has completed hundreds of IT projects successfully. For more details contact us at Let us know how we can help you. Contact us at +1 (512) 333-1321 or Get a Free Quote Consagous Technologies.


How To Use Mobile Apps As Brand Marketing Tool?

Nowadays, mobile application development is one of the most flourishing areas of business. Only a few sectors have experienced the same level of a boom, and this trend is certainly staying in the future also. While developing a mobile application as a solution for some business issues and driving success through the application is another powerful way of brand marketing. Let's see how mobile apps act like a branding channel for your business. For more info:

Make money with your Mobile Apps! Detail overview on Mobile app monetization

Making mobile apps is great but monetizing them is an important part of the business. Consagous Technologies wrote a story to teach you how to do it! For more info:

Cross Platform Mobile App Development Guide For 2019

Cross-platform mobile application development is become the first choice of mobile app developers because of its promises for the IT industry. Let’s throw some light to get a little context on this latest trend. For more info:

Xamarin Benefits For Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Faster Code Sharing, lower development costs, and Increase ROI - nothing beats Xamarin for enterprise cross-platform mobile application development. It enables mobile app developers to use existing code and resources for developing a new mobile application. Previously Xamarin was not that much popular but because of its continuous updates, it becomes the first choice for cross mobile app development. For more info:

Mobile Apps as Brand Marketing Tool

It is crucial for the business brands to understand the effectiveness of publishing an app and utilizing it as a marketing channel. What you can do to revamp your marketing strategy to meet the customers need and drive revenue, engagement and brand loyalty? Here are some points that will clear your vision about how mobile app can increase the brand marketing. Let check out latest post here: Mobile apps as Brand Marketing tool

Enterprise Mobile App Development Trends 2019

The stipulation for mobility has caused mobile application development to grow at spooking speed. The global market of enterprise mobile application is expected to reach $284 billion by 2019. In 2008, the mobile application came into existence, since then it never looks back and has evolved into the mainstream by becoming a necessity of enterprises. If you are awestruck if there is an app for that, there probably is, see how fast our mobile developers are!

Today customers experience is a driving force behind the growth of any enterprise as they are the real asset for any business. Users want seamless experience regardless of what device they access and this expectation often demands a mobile app to enhance their UX. To fulfill marketing’s wish, enterprise mobile apps can help enterprises to improve productivity in the workplace.

According to the Gartner, “25% of enterprises will have an enterprise app store for managing corporate apps on PC’s and mobile devices”.

Reason Behind The Significant Growth Of Enterprise Mobile Apps

Customers are an essential aspect of any growing business and to offer rich customer experience, enterprise mobile app development solutions have become an imperative part of organizations. For the successful growth, enterprise mobility app should be designed with strapping functionality and streamline the process flow within an organization. According to the studies

_• “43% of enterprise app developers make more than $10K per month versus 19% of their counterparts focused on consumer apps”.

• “20% of all developers globally are targeting enterprises, up from 16% just six months ago”.

• Growth in direct revenues from app stores is slowing, while demand for good mobility solutions is outstripping supply.

• “About one-third of the 1,000 millennial and consumers said they would download an SMB’s mobile app to learn about what’s in stock at the store”._

What is Causing the Demand for Enterprise Mobile App Development?


In 2016, 62.9% of the population worldwide already owned a mobile phone. This figure will reach 4.68 billion in 2019. By 2019, China is expected to reach nearly 1.5 billion mobile connections and India almost 1.1 billion. Now more than ever people are accessing information from their mobile phones.


On the basis of comScore’s 2017 study, most of the American adult spends 2 hours, 51 minutes on their smartphone every day. In the U.S. people spend half of their time online using mobile applications and mobile Web browsers. This alarming shift in human behavior is leading to the demand for mobile apps to provide users with a consistent experience.

Increase in BYOD

With the help of digitization, enterprises allow employees to bring their own laptop. This is increasing the demand for mobile applications as well as allow employees to work remotely by providing an allied experience regardless of the electronic devices they are using.

Customization Options

This is a most important countenance of modern enterprise mobile app development. In the organization, the uses of the mobile application across the business vary to a large extent. Naturally, the mobile app with all its features cannot succor all the users in the same way. So the customization options in mobile application development for enterprises in helping in making the same app useful for everyone in the company.

Features Of Enterprise Mobile Applications

Following are the must-have features for enterprise mobile application:

Smooth User Experience

No matter what kind of apps you are building, user experience always takes the center stage. This improves the adoption of mobile apps within an organization and accomplishes all the important objectives.

Data Sharing

Real-time data sharing feature in enterprise mobile apps enable employees to send and receive data easily. Also, the functionality should be in such a way that data can be shared in any form i.e excel sheets, doc files, images or videos.

It also allows enterprises to send a real-time notification to their employers and customers to facilitate communication. Push notifications also help enterprise mobile app in keeping tabs on everything.

Easy Integration with Necessary Tools

Enterprise mobile apps contain all the fundamental and necessary tools that required for smooth process management.

Growth Driven Trends For Enterprise Mobile Application Development

HTML5 and Hybrid Mobile App Development

Enterprise shifted their focus from native apps to hybrid mobile apps to put up cross-platform development using a combination of web technologies like HTML, Java, and CSS. This offers the ability to apps to work on multiple platforms, especially for larger enterprises.

Shortened Development Lifecycle

The pressure of consumer demands will force enterprises to look for different ways to shorten the development process by ebbing the time between idea conception and app launch. As the mobile app development resources become more in demand, enterprises will need to improve development tools to improve their business lifecycle.

Location-Based Services

Enterprises will utilize location-based services to deal with the end user. Enterprise mobile apps are using this technology to offer a highly personalized experience for users.

Internet of Things

IoT integrated mobile applications will evolve to integrate the multiple connected electronic devices and provide the end user with an unblemished experience.

Wearable Technology

The springing up of wearable technology will create a greater demand for the apps that are required to integrate this technology with other systems. As technology is emerging, enterprise apps will be able to engage customers at a whole new level of convenience.

Big Data

Real-time monitoring through mobile apps will allow enterprises to collect customers data, assisting in consumer intelligence and marketing efforts.


BYOD in the workplace will increase the demand for the apps to integrate the experience for the user.

Summing Up

In the time to come, enterprise mobile app development companies will manage the mobile apps and deliver full-fledged mobile apps with different functionalities for employers and consumers of the respective brand. In 2019, all the latest trends of enterprise mobile app will employ by the brands for strengthening their customer experience. With the help of latest trends of Enterprise mobile app development, an organization will enjoy profound access to consumer data to drive business even more smoothly.

From increasing productivity to improving efficiency, enterprise mobile apps will definitely help businesses in transforming their overall process for future growth. Want to take your business sky high? Contact us at or visit Consagous Technologies.

Will Accelerated Mobile Pages Become the New Standard for Web Content?

Did you know that consumers spend nearly 120 hours a month on a mobile device? Have you ever think that the number of hours a user spends looking at their mobile phone could be used for marketing a particular brand.

If enterprises are not keeping up with the trends and not optimizing their website for mobile application, it won’t appear in Google searches, that directly means no potential customers are going to visit your website.

According to research, from 2015 to the end of 2017 purchases made on mobile devices increased nearly 60%, and more people access the internet from a mobile device versus a desktop. That means ignoring mobile app development would be a big mistake.

With Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP), alignment of a marketing campaign with the audience become easier than ever, which is something our mobile app developers suggest to our clients. These mobile pages, use less bandwidth and load much faster, on various devices or networks. One of the factors Google uses to determine rankings on any given search is mobile-friendliness. This means if you are utilizing AMP, you have a much greater chance of ranking high, as opposed to those that don’t.

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

In 2015, Google started AMP as a project to improve the speed and performance of websites on mobile devices. The main aim behind this open-source initiative is to improve the content loading time automatically to increase the user experience.

With the help of its analytics, Google knew that soon website traffic will be shifted to the cell phone or a smart device as a number of mobile phone users are mushrooming at a rapid pace.“Studies show that 52.2% of website traffic comes from mobile devices as of 2018 — up 500% from 2012”. Still, there are many websites that have not optimized its pages for mobile viewing. This not only makes the mobile experience disenchanting for users but also lose viewers and negatively affect opportunities for ad placement.

Why You Should Go With Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Ignoring the AMPs on SEO can cause a serious problem for your website. It is an important aspect for search engine results which help a website to load faster and increase visibility.

A web page that loads within a second will keep your visitors more engaged and less likely to abandon your site due to slow load time and for that reason alone, it’s worth considering upgrading at least some of your web content to AMPs.

If you’re worried that avoiding AMPs will put you behind the competition, then it’s a right time to switch to AMP as it will boost the chances of SEO success.

The Advantages Of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Let’s look at the advantages that AMPs can offer you, both in the context of SEO and mobile app development:


AMPs load mobile pages with the speed of bullet train, much faster than the normal mobile page and have only one-tenth waiting time. Its enormous speed is one of the foremost advantages that beat traditional web pages. This increased speed and seamless access will give you a couple of benefits like:

• Users will be able to access the content faster,
• Website visitors will be more likely to go through a purchase or checkout process since they know it will go quickly and smoothly.


AMPs give your website a breakthrough visibility. Having a page with AMP protocols doesn’t increase your DA/PA, but it does make your website page eligible for the AMP roundabout that rests above typical search results. It also provides a substantial boost to your page in organic search results, and send filtered traffic on your website.


With the help of Accelerated Mobile Pages, you can engage your visitors more appealingly. On an AMP, visitors can easily interact with various features offered by the website, including forms, links, buttons, videos, and even in online shopping.

Tenant time

AMPs have a higher tenant time than their traditional counterparts because of following reasons:

• Faster loading speed encourages visitors to stick around longer and view more content,
• As they’re higher-ranked results, they naturally attract more dedicated traffic.
• AMP can increase the amount of time your visitors spend on your site.


If your competitors are using AMPs, and you aren’t, then you might stand out behind them. Don’t forget there is a huge competition in the IT industry and to stay ahead you must adopt AMP protocols before your competitor, you could look like a frontrunner and differentiate yourself in a positive light.

Summing Up

It’s likely that mobile traffic will keep growing, with 80 percent of all web traffic coming from mobile devices by 2020. Accordingly, demand for fast-loading mobile pages is going to keep increasing, and more publishers are going to compete to offer the best possible experience for their users.

Overall, AMPs are an effective way to increase your search visibility, give your visitors a better impression of your brand, and possibly secure more conversions from the traffic you receive as well.

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The Importance of Mobile Gestures in Boosting App User Experience

Years ago, when Apple launched its first iPhone, people went crazy for touchscreen mobile phones. There was not only tapping on interface anymore but nibbling, escalating and swiping. It was a huge hit. Touch gestures in mobile app development have become extensive.

In the starting, there were only a few elementary movements. But, with adding combinations like double touching, long pressing, long press dragging etc., the era of gestures started mushrooming. New features are continually coming but, the cynosure remained on natural behavior and congenital workflows.

Today, in-app gestures in mobile application development are so natural to us that we don’t even consider it unique. Most of the mobile phone users may not know a single gesture by name, but they spend most of the time in figuring out and learning them.

What Kind of Touch Gestures Are There?

There are various gestures in all shapes and sizes are listed in the graphic below. All these gestures are already very common because all mobile phone users are used to them. All these touch gestures are used across all the mobile application platforms, so the user becomes habitual with this experience and can control gestural.

Designing touch gestures for applications is not an easy task; it requires strong planning, excellent ecosystem, appealing designs, and conceptual foundation. Lacking any of these elements may risk the value and ROI of the finished product.

It is very important for mobile app developers to keep all these gestures within the reach of user’s thumb as most of the mobile phone users use the thumb for navigation. So, all the app functionalities need to be concentrated.

Importance Of Touch Gestures Over The Buttons

Save Time

It saves user’s time by reducing the number of steps required to perform a particular action. Now, in mobile phones, everything is one-touch away. Because of smart gestures, actions including search, surf, and click, are become easier.

Save Space

Gestures are the logical way to make your app aesthetically pleasing and clear. Navigation through touch gestures removes unnecessary icons and numerical buttons on the screen that provides breathing space to an app without creating a mess. Touch gestures also provide more space for valuable content and let the user do a valuable task without any distractions.


Gesture increase engagement and provide tactile experience, which is really enjoyable. It also makes interaction with content more natural and spontaneous and also makes us believe that we are interacting with something tangible. Engaging interaction can give users a sense of accomplishment that the reason we become more immersed in this experience.

Give Your Users Clues

While designing a mobile application always keep in mind the needs of your target audience. During mobile application development, give your users clues about the availability of gesture and guide them about the gestures step by step. Start by showing only the most relevant options for interactions. There are various visual interaction design techniques are available to increase user experience.

Role of animation in gesture-based mobile app development

Gestures are closely linked to animations in mobile application development as it plays an important role in nurturing an illusion of interactivity for app users. When animation paired with
Gestures, it makes the brain believe that it’s interacting with touchable objects and also provides visual feedback to the user. Without animations, users wouldn’t get the idea of successfully completed a gestural action.

Now in every innovative gestural interaction, animation has become standard. It feels so smooth and spontaneous that countless list-based applications adopted this gesture simply by convention.

Things you should take into consideration before designing a gesture-based interface

Increased User Effort

Most of the gestures are difficult to learn or remember. Let’s take an example, in most mobile apps a single finger gesture means one thing, the same gesture with two fingers means another, and yet another with three or four.

Lack of Feedback

Most of the gestures do not leave any record behind their path, which means if one makes a gesture and gets a wrong response, there is no information available to help understand why this happened.

Lack of flexibility

Most of the gestures are not consistent across mobile apps yet and are not always flexible for users. Even a simple gesture of swiping over an email item work differently in various mail apps.
For example, in Apple Mail, for deleting an unread item user should swipe left and in Gmail, swiping to the left marks an email as unread.


The gesture-based user interface has solid possibilities to enhance the user experience, they are also a powerful mode of interaction. Today designing a mobile app without gestures may cause a downfall for you. So for the app success, design a meaningful gesture and tie it to an action and allow the gesture to linked with the particular action.

Before integrating mobile app gestures, mobile app developers need to make sure about the proper visual analysis tools, like touch heat maps, tracking, optimization, and troubleshoot these user actions. Never forget “Seeing is believing” so make your mobile app appealing as well as seamless to use.

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