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Tips to Enjoy a Good Trip in Langkawi – Discovering an Island Paradise

Listed below are tips and advice on how to enjoy your time on the beautiful archipelago of Langkawi. An amazing oasis to explore, the place is ideal for an idyllic holiday in the folds of nature. Perfect for sun worshippers and nature lovers, this popular tourist destination has much to offer.


The Island Has no Public Transport

Langkawi does not offer public transport, although it is possible to call up a taxi. You can call up a taxi or find one parked next to the popular malls, or top Langkawi resorts. The best, however, is to hike around the main island, this method ensures you savour the true essence of the place in terms of people, nature and attractions.


You Can Rent a Private Vehicle

If hiking from one attraction to the other is not your thing, you have the option of renting a car, motorbike or scooter; vehicle rental agencies are spread across the island and do not ask for any special documents to hire out a vehicle. Instead, all you need is an international license, your passport and the ability to put down a deposit for the vehicle you plan on renting. Alternatively, many of the Langkawi hotels, such as Berjaya Langkawi Resort, offer car rentals and shuttle services to town; either way, the choice is yours with not much hassle involved.


Ferries Are More Cost Effective

It is cheaper to explore the islands within the archipelago via a public ferry service, rather than chartering your own boat. Alternatively, you could join a tour group and get chaperoned around the best islands and attractions.


The Best Season to Visit Langkawi is December to June

If you really want to relax on the island paradise, then head out to Langkawi between December and June; rainfall is fairly less and you will find the weather is cool and inviting. If you plan on scuba diving and lots of underwater explorations, plan to visit the archipelago from March to May.


A Guide is Your Best Choice For Touring the Local Precincts

While the staff within your Langkawi beach resort will speak good English, you will find communicating with the locals outside the resort areas, a bit tough. Hence, it is recommended to explore the backwoods and villages with the aid of a guide, who will smooth out communication problems, helping you better understand and enjoy your time amongst the locals.


Beware of the Insects

Within your luxury resort in Langkawi, insects are not a problem, however, when visiting the nature reserves and many other outside attractions of the archipelago, one is bound to encounter a number of insects, amongst which mosquitoes abound. Do take along plenty of insect repellent and consider wearing clothes with high necks and long sleeves when touring the natural environs of Langkawi.


Dress Modestly When Exploring Religious Sites

As with all religious sites across Asia, one must dress modestly, covering shoulders, knees and arms. Respect the religious beliefs and traditions of the locals and you too will feel a serene sense of peace often observed at these holistic shrines.