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5 Dishes to try this Ramadan Season - Let your Taste buds do the talking

According to Islamic belief, it is said that God revealed the first verses of the Quran to Prophet Mohammed during the holy month of Ramadan. As such Muslims around the world engage in fast, prayer, charity and pilgrimage during the month which ends with a big celebration referred to as the Eid-al-Fitr (the festival of breaking the fast). It is a time of joyful family unions, feasting, and exchange of gifts.
If you happen to be in the Middle East this Ramadan season try-out these dishes that would surely set your taste buds wanting for more.



Also referred to as 'Machboos', this is a mixed rice dish which is made out of long grained rice, vegetables, meats and spices. Meats usually include fish, shrimp, goat, lamb, beef, chicken or camel. The spices used which are cloves, cardamom, black lime, black pepper, saffron, bay leaves, nutmeg and cinnamon mainly contribute to its taste. The dish is garnished with a variety of nuts and onions. The dish is served hot with a side dish containing sauce or a spicy salsa.



Tharid is sometimes referred to as the Arabian lasagne. This dish is kind of a stew containing chicken or lamb mixed with beans, carrots, potatoes and onions. The bread is placed at the bottom of the dish which soaks in the broth and flavour making it soft. The dish is topped with tomato sauce and spices and is a common dish during Ramadan.


Kousa Mahshi

Kousa mahshi is a dish containing squash or zucchini stuffed with rice and sometimes meat cooked in an oven or a stove top. The meaty dish is served hot with tahini or egg-lemon sauce whilst the vegetarian dish made with olive oil is served warm with a garlic-yoghurt sauce. It belongs to a group of dishes referred to as 'Dolmas' which originated from the Ottoman Empire and has several variants across the continent.
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The most important part of iftar is its dessert. Likewise, no list will be complete without a dessert. Luqaimat is a common dessert during Ramadan which is soft and crunchy deep-fried dough that can be dipped in syrup or honey. Like most Middle Eastern dishes there are several variants in preparation. Usually, it's made up of milk, butter, and sugar along with saffron and cardamom to complete it as spices.



Harees is another common dish used to breakfast as it's a nutritional dish. It's made out of boiled or coarsely ground wheat mixed with meat. The consistency of the dish varies between porridge and a dumpling. The dish is garnished with cinnamon and cardamom. In order to prepare the dish, the wheat is soaked overnight, simmered in water with the meat, butter or sheep tail fat. The contents are strained, and the remaining mixture is beaten and seasons.