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Top Bloggers In Pakistan - You Should Be Knowing

Doesn't matter what world thinks about efficiency of people in Pakistan, there exists some efficient bloggers who teach and improve un-knowledgeable minds you carry.



Abdul Wali -

Abdul Wali -

Abdul Wali started taking interest in computers & internet in the past years since 2007. Information technology was the industry catched-up his interest. Learning computer & internet courses in 2007 was the prime objective before he could make any decision. Thus, after 7 years of continue struggles he has got some extensive knowledge about computers and internet. And this is the most valuable thing he respects. Whatever he learns he shares, and will keep sharing all of his life.
Abdul Wali's statement: " INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY or KNOWLEDGE has no boundary; Everyday is a new day for me as a learner and I try to learn at least one new thing every single day."

Besides blogging, tourism has been a core part of him. Previously he had been to United States, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Qatar and Afghanistan. Furthermore, he intends to experience more of the world.

Addition to Abdul's statement: "To be honest, life was not easier and is not easy, the journey was so painful & difficult when I started but slowly and gradually I came to a conclusion that it’s a journey of “Kabi Khushi Kabi Gham” which will never end."


Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai -

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai -

Mohammad is a young Entrepreneur running a number of sites from his living room. He is an experienced SEO Consultant, Computer Engineer, Professional Blogger & an addicted Web Developer. He runs STC Network which offers Web Services and Online Business Solutions to clients around the globe.
STC Network was founded in 2008 and is currently the Country's First Registered company of Professional Bloggers. The company has introduced several new faces online and continues to motivate teenagers in Schools, colleges and Universities through workshops and seminars.

The video interview below is recorded partly in English and partly in Urdu. For mbt readers, we have translated the interview and retold the story in a narrative form. For translated version please read: STCnetwork's exclusive interview by NES


Amir Atta - ProPakistani.Pk

Amir Atta - ProPakistani.Pk

Amir Atta is a well-known person and blogger for Pakistani bloggers, because his blog “” is a pure Pakistani telecommunication blog. His blog provides resources, tutorials, news on IT happenings in Pakistan. He is earning money with his blog by displaying Google Adsense ads and direct ads. His blog is a popular technology blog in Pakistan and has been nominated many times for different awards.


Taimur Asad - RedMondPie.Com

Taimur Asad - RedMondPie.Com

Founded in 2008, Redmond Pie is a site focused on technology news, views and reviews about products/services from Apple, Google and Microsoft. We cover almost all news and reviews from iPhone, Android, Windows, Macs, Xbox, PlayStation, jailbreaks and unlocks, social networks to the general World Wide Web.

In addition to covering this, we also specialize in developing and reviewing new Internet or mobile based software/services for iPhone, Android, Windows, Macs, Facebook and more that could make an impact on the new web space.

With over 10 million page views per month, and 600,000+ subscribers, we have one of the most influential community in tech. space.


Hassam Ahmad Awan - BloggingeHow.Com

Hassam Ahmad Awan - BloggingeHow.Com

My name is Hassam Ahmad Awan, a 24 year old student and a wana-be Problogger. I am glad that you took time to land on this page to know something about me and BloggingeHow in general.

I'm a Computer Science graduate, living in Pakistan. I really hope that one day, with the support of you guys, we could make this blog stand out from the competition, in providing quality to the loyal reader, that we have.

It wasn't 4 years back i guess, when i first search the phrase "how to create a free website" and it showed up a wonderful lady's website (Lisa, you can search up), who showed me the 'right' path. There was so much to learn.

I found Blogger and WordPress. This was the beginning of my online adventure.
Now after a whole long year, with the support and feedback of you guys, we are here with BloggingeHow, a Page Rank 4 blog with ever increasing community. We recently faced Google's Panda Update, and honestly it was quite a set back to the blogs search engine traffic.

But again, we never gave up and moved further with as a community.

I am really glad with what we all are turning this blog into, i.e is a loving community where we share what we know and experience in our blogging lifestyle.