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Updated by oliviaryandot on Jul 12, 2018
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Top 10 Tools Writers Should Use in Case of Inspirational Crisis


Aussie Writings

When you have deadlines to meet and you cannot force yourself to write, you can always rely on a lifeline: hire a professional writer or editor to help. At Aussie Writings, you can connect with writers from all niches, so you’ll get relevant assistance based on your instructions. Plus, you can hire an editor to help you go through the final stages of completing a project.



When you’re blocked, some constructive criticism can help you move on. If you lack the self-confidence to show your work to someone, you may use AutoCrit. It’s an automated manuscript editing tool, which gives fiction writers suggestions on how to improve the content.


Be Focused – Focus Timer

Writing projects are overwhelming, mainly because there’s a long way to go before you see your work in print. You can make the process less challenging by tracking smaller goals that lead to that big ending. Be focused offers simple goal tracking features, as well as to-do lists, task management, alarms, and various break options. It helps you organize your day around writing.



Writers have to be on top of current information that’s related to the topics they tackle. Feedly is a content curation tool that lets you choose topics, websites, and YouTube channels that will lead you to news and articles you might be interested in.



When you’re trying to find inspiration, ask yourself: what’s blocking it? Maybe you lost your muse somewhere along social media and all distracting apps that prevent you from writing? When you block those distractions, your inspiration might hit you back.
Freedom will block distracting apps and websites on your computer, iPhone, or iPad. You’ll be left with no excuses. You’ll just have to write.



Although this forum is full of spam and useless comments, it’s still the place where people from all around the world discuss burning topics. You may benefit from these discussions, especially if you take part in them. Choose the categories that are relevant to your project and explore them. The hot topics will surely give you some ideas to spice up your story.



When you’re writing a book, the usual word processors can drive you crazy. You need a tool that’s specifically designed for book writing and editing. That’s Reedsy. The tool allows you to write and edit in the simplest way possible, and then export your document to PDF and ePub.


Story Planner

When you don’t capture your ideas when you get them, it’s easy to lose your initial inspiration for the project. You’ll keep thinking about the plot and characters for few days, but you might not have the time to start writing right away. The least you could do is take some notes and plan the story.
This app, which is available for Android and iOS devices, helps you capture your ideas and organize them in a nice outline.


ThinkWritten – 365 Creative Writing Prompts

You’re so stuck that nothing helps you continue the work on your current project? Maybe you need some time away from it. A daily freewriting practice will help! Check out these prompts and write something every day. You’ll soon start getting ideas on how to develop that big project of yours.


Yoropen Pen

Are you one of those writers who stick to the traditional tools of the craft? Then you absolutely need a great pen! The Yoropen has an ergonomic design, which will prevent repetitive strain and cramp issues.