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Top 5 Places to Visit in Koggala – Remarkable Attractions for the Sightseer

The charming coastal town of Koggala is always an interesting place to visit. Here you will find a host of captivating attractions that are sure to capture the imagination of the discerning visitor, like those below.


Kataluva Purvarama Maha Viharaya

This attractive temple is one of the outstanding Buddhist shrines situated in the southern part of Sri Lanka. This temple which was originally constructed in the 13th century is renowned for the remarkable paintings that it contains which conform to the Kandyan artistic style. These intriguing paintings of which some are as much as two centuries old, illustrate episodes from the numerous previous births of the Buddha. Interestingly you will also find artworks of Queen Victoria as well as the Queen Mother which were created out of gratitude for permitting the unhindered practice of the Buddhist religion at the time of British control of Sri Lanka.


Hiyare Rainforest

Nature lovers visiting the Koggala area should undoubtedly take the opportunity to visit the appealing Hiyare Rainforest. This pristine extent of forest also features a rescue programme for animals that assists injured creatures of the wild who are unable to fend for themselves. You will have the opportunity to view these unfortunate animals which are being provided with the necessary treatments. Whilst most of the animals that are treated are re-introduced to the wild environment if this is not feasible the animal is allowed to remain at the centre. This area of rainforest occupies as much as 600 acres and boasts an attractive selection of flora and fauna.


Dondra Lighthouse

The impressive Dondra Lighthouse has the distinction of being the tallest of the lighthouses to be seen in Sri Lanka. Interestingly this lighthouse is positioned in proximity to the island's southernmost site. The designer of this imposing structure was Sir James Nicholas Douglass whilst the construction was implemented by William Douglass. It is believed that all of the bricks used in its construction were brought over from Britain. The lighthouse has no less than seven storeys and offers panoramic views from the uppermost level. Dondra Lighthouse always presents a striking sight that will remain in your memory even after your visit to this sightseeing attraction.


Kottawa Reserve

The appealing Kottawa Reserve is sure to capture the interest of those who admire nature. Since this is a relatively little known natural sanctuary it features an untouched pristine quality which will appeal to the nature lover. This reserve which spans approximately 15 acres will provide you with an entrancing glimpse into Sri Lanka's outstanding biodiversity. Within this sanctuary, you will find as many as 100 species of endemic trees in addition to 12 varieties of birds. Since the tree canopy provides pleasant shade you will have the opportunity to enjoy the silence and tranquillity to be found here. A choice of accommodation to consider from which this reserve would be within easy reach would be South Lake Resort which is amongst the pleasingly located hotels in Koggala.


Blow Hole at Dikwella

This interesting feature at Dikwella is also the only one of its kind in the island nation of Sri Lanka. If you choose to visit this marvel of nature you are sure to be exhilarated by its nature. In order to reach this natural feature you must first undertake an enjoyable hike; when you reach the blow hole you will notice the whistling sound made as the water rushes through the small aperture found within the rock. Although this feature is at its most forceful when the monsoons are occurring, you may still experience the wonder and beauty of the surroundings during other periods as well.

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