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Updated by Alpha Dog Technology on Jul 17, 2018
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Training Dog Collar With Remote

Alpha dog collars are the producers and sellers of some of the most awesome dog collars for your pet's training that you would ever come across in the market. Going through dog training collars reviews is a must before buying a collar for your pet.

Preparations before Bringing Your Puppy Home – Remote Dog Training Collars

After what seems like a long wait you are finally ready to get your new puppy. Preparing for a new puppy is exciting, after all, you are adding to your family. And just like preparing for a human baby, you need to be ready for this little fur-baby.

How Important Is Your Dog’s Name? – AlphaDog Remote Dog Training Collars

When you get a new puppy you of course have to name him or her. If the puppy is registered you will need a name for the official registration papers as well as a call name. Both names are important, but in different ways.

Housebreaking Your Dog In Four Simple Steps

Ask any dog owner what is the most important thing that their new dog learns and 9 out of 10 will say that they want their dog to be house trained. The problem is that there are more dogs that are not housebroken than are. The reason for that is because many dog owners are not patient enough to train their dogs, so they give up.

Dog Crates: Indoor Dog Dens – Alpha Dog Technology

Many dog owners wonder what dog supplies are important to have for their little friends. While they know they need to provide food, shelter, and toys, there are often questions regarding the use of dog crates. The questions are usually related to house training.

Dental Care For Your Dog

Our furry little friends are likely to develop dental disease if their dental needs are ignored. Periodontal disease is not uncommon among dogs, particularly small dog breeds. And just like with humans, these problems can result in bad breath, yellowed teeth, and in the worst of cases, even progress to loss of teeth.

Basic Considerations When Choosing A New Puppy

Before actually adding a new puppy to your home you should consider what your expectations of dog ownership are. All dogs require love, food and shelter, but puppies need more commitment from their owners than adult dogs do. Puppies are more time demanding because they are essentially babies. They have to be taught how to behave appropriately and they go through various stages as they grow. Most puppies go through a chewing phase and at some points in growing up they are very energetic.

Clicker Dog Training Tips for Common Behaviour Problems – Alpha Dog Remote Training Collars

Even dog training tips go through fads and the current fad within the world of obedience training is the use of the clicker; however this is one fad with real results that will stand the test of time if done properly. Let’s take a look at how the clicker can be used to effectively discourage unwanted behaviors.

  • We created Alpha Dog Technologies in 2005 as an outlet for selling remote training dog collars. With dogs of our own, we began as customers on the market for dog collars that would allow us to train our dogs swiftly and safely. We came across many variations and brands of collars, and with each one we discovered that there was always something that could be improved. With much frustration in finding the perfect remote training dog collar, we set out to create a brand of our own, complete with an easy to use design and with desirable specs that we thought encompassed a perfect collar that would surely satisfy the needs of other dog owners.
    At Alpha Dog Technologies, we not only pride ourselves on the high quality and design of our products, using the latest technologies, but we also pride on ourselves on the safety of our collars. At the end of the day, our main goal is to help others train their dogs with an easy-to-use device that is completely safe. To ensure the safety of our collars, we hired trained experts to inspect our products. These inspection results surpassed all safety standards, proving that our collars are of the highest safety guidelines. Customers can rest assured that they will be using a dog-friendly device that will make the tumultuous task of dog training simple and easy, and with the integration of a 5 year warranty we can guarantee that customers will be getting the most out of their money.

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