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10 Reasons to Visit Brisbane – Unveil the hidden treasures of a business city

Brisbane is the third most populated city in Australia and is considered as a business city. But, for the informed traveller there are plenty of things to do and places to visit within the city itself.


Glasshouse Mountains National Park

Glasshouse Mountains National Park

Situated just outside the city limits you could reach the Glasshouse Mountains National Park in just one hour's drive. This is the perfect getaway for people working during weekdays and is also ideal for a city visitor since it takes you away from the hustle and the bustle of the city to a picturesque mountain range.


The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

This is the first sanctuary in the world built for koalas and the only one that allows you to touch koalas legally. Thus one must not miss the rare opportunity to hug these lovely and adorable creatures. Situated just twelve kilometres away from the city this sanctuary is also home to kangaroos, wombats, and possums.


Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay

If you're visiting Brisbane between July and November you must not miss visiting the Moreton Bay. Being the migrating season the bay comes alive with marine creatures such as Dolphins, Whales, Turtles, and even Stingrays.


South Bank

South Bank

You will find more than hundred local shops in this area where you can shop for lovely souvenirs to take back home. Also, the manmade lagoon called 'Streets Beach' is a lovely place to enjoy some sunbathing. If you are travelling with children they could have fun with a quick dip in the water.


The fun-filled Ekka festival

The fun-filled Ekka festival

This is the biggest annual show to happen in the whole state of Queensland and takes place usually during the month of August. The festival is famous for its various games and rides and also participate around ten thousand animals for different shows.


Street markets to kill the night

Once a month on a Friday night the streets of Brisbane come alive at King George Square with food, music, and all the fun you can afford. From palm reading to entertaining street performers it's one of the best places to hit at night.


Skydive for an unforgettable experience

Although skydiving in a busy city is what you will least expect, the skies of Brisbane are alive with skydivers any time of the year. This is the best way to enjoy the beautiful view of the city and the exiting environment around it. There are many hotels in Brisbane city that will offer you skydiving as a part of your package.


Take a river cut

Taking a cruise on the CityCat ferry has become a way of life for the inhabitants of Brisbane since it's a cheap and rather quick way to get around the city. Visitors to Brisbane always enjoy the lovely sceneries and the cool breeze against their face. Don't forget to visit the University of Queensland, which is the last stop on the ferry ride.


Shopping at James Street

Filled with all the modern iconic fashion shops for all your attire needs, may it be for fancy party wear, daily office wear, or even casual home wear, there is no better place in Brisbane to visit other than James Street. If you're staying at some nearby hotel like Oaks Casino Towers, James Street is a good stop to shop and enjoy a variety of traditional Australian cuisine.


Take a ride on your bike

If you think you know the Brisbane city or have been there once you should try roaming the city on a bike, which is sure to leave you with a fresh and exciting experience. If you're too lazy to take your city map out, there are guided bike rides through the city as well.