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EDUCATION: Day Care/Preschool

Keeping Your Child Motivated: 5 Ways to Encourage Learning at Home

Once learning starts, it never stops. Here are 5 ways you can help your child stay motivated at home and beyond:

Good Job: How to Reward Your Young One Positively

Is it really safe to give rewards to a child? As a provider of child care in Bronx, New York, we say, yes, but in the right context. Rewards have to be given as a result of something, not as a bribe for them to do anything. With this context, you’re framing positive reinforcement on your kid. Additionally, with the reward system, your child can learn early on that every action they do will have consequences – good yields good, and bad results to bad.

How to Boost Your Children’s Self-Esteem

Children who continually feel good about themselves are happy children.

Teaching Your Kids How to Socialize

Socializing can be a scary thing for some kids in preschool.

Keeping Your Little Preschooler Busy at Home

Having kids can be quite a handful, especially when you are staying at home with them.

What Do Your Little Ones Learn in Preschool?

Preschool, as to be taken from its name, is a preparatory stage for your little ones before they enter kindergarten.