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Updated by Riverside Dental Spa on Jul 11, 2018
Headline for Why Teeth Straightening is So Important for Your Oral Health
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Why Teeth Straightening is So Important for Your Oral Health

Overcrowded and crooked teeth can cause a lot of dental complications that can often be consequential for your health. This is why teeth straightening treatments are highly recommended when you suffer with misaligned teeth.
Teeth straightening can benefit your oral health and lower your risk on contracting diseases and injuries. Here are a few of the effects misaligned teeth can cause:


Cleaner Teeth

Cleaner Teeth

Brushing your teeth and flossing in between them can become a challenging chore when there’s limited room due to overcrowding. This can leave your teeth and gums not as clean as they should be because bacteria and food remain untouched as certain areas become too difficult to reach.


Healthier Gums

When teeth become too over crowded or too separated it can lead to gums that are red and inflamed – both signs of periodontal disease. Teeth straightening can provide your gums with enough room to fit in between all your individual teeth to reduce redness and swelling.


Reduced Pain

Reduced Pain

Jaw misalignment has been known to cause headaches and face or neck pain, as crooked teeth add pressure to your gums and the bone supporting your teeth. Teeth straightening can move your teeth back into a position that is both comfortable and takes stress away from surrounding areas.


Less Likely to be Damaged

When the bottom set of teeth are squashed together, it can cause some of them to stick out and rub against your top set of teeth. The longer this is allowed, the more likely it is to cause undue wear to the tooth enamel and also impact your ability to chew.

Also, in the unfortunate event of an accident, teeth that are overcrowded are more likely to be broken as a result.


Improved Oral Hygiene

Improved Oral Hygiene

Crooked teeth are often contributors to tooth decay and gum disease, as left behind bacteria can put you at risk of bleeding gums, tooth loss and mouth sores.

This is why seeking teeth straightening treatment is so important when you’re experiencing pain or discomfort from misaligned teeth. The results from using braces or aligners can make a significant difference to your overall health, creating a happier and more confident you.


Where to get help

Here at Riverside Dental Spa, our team of dentists and hygienists aim is to ensure all of our patients benefit from excellent oral health. We offer industry recommended teeth straightening treatments to provide the best results we can.

For more information please call a member of our team on 0800 0154 222.